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Would someone explain...PLEASE


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Hi all, i would really love for someone to give me an idea of how WW works.
Ive been on CD for a few weeks and lost a couple of stones but then i ate while on holiday and just cant get back on the CD way of life ( i love my food far too much to not eat)
I have no idea how WW works, ive never tried it before.
Would someone please give me a rough idea?
Thanks :sign0009:
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Hello Trinakmh! hope you are well :)

Ok, its basically the best diet in the world!!!

sooo - every, single thing that we eat has a points value.

depending on your weight etc.. you are allocated a number of POINTS that you eat throughout the day

(sorry, im awful at explaining things!!)

for e.g - I can have 24 points per day.

an apple for instance is half a point. A Big mac is 14 points (I think)

I can eat whatever I want once it does not exceed the allocated 24 points. I can use it on junk, if I want but wont have much to eat that day but if I eat low point food, Im eating more than ever!!

(p.s. a 9.5 inch slice of dominos pizza is 2.5 points - yeah!!)

you can also save points (for a night out at the weekend etc - a vodka and diet coke for e.g. is one point)

You can save NO MORE than 4 points per day (so id eat 20 per day) (Im confusing myself here, must be confusing you!! sorry) but they have to be used up by the end of that week!! do you get me atall?

You have to eat all your points each day - VERY IMPORTANT - or if your saving for the weekend, have to use all your points by the end of the week, if not, your body may begin to go into starvation mode and save the food you do eat into fat.

its brilliant - im having a whole dominos pizza tonight! and still loosing!! - I know the losses wont be as fast after CD but (I think) we are more likely to stick to this as we're not depriving ourselves and I know ill end up sticking to this counting points for life. Im on it 13 weeks now and have lost 2 stone and 8 pounds.

Hope you could understand that!!!!


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Oh Nikki I am so glad you explained that lol

I was trying to think of how to explain it but I think you have done well and there is no need for me to explain now, thanks for letting me off with that one. I was actually racking my tiny brain of how to put it in some sort of content that someone else would be able to understand.

I will go back to work now :D


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Excellent explanation Nikki, Thank you sooo much!
OK i better go find myself a WW consultant...lol
Woo Hoo.....im gonna EAT...lol!
Hope you girlies dont mind but ive a feeling im gonna be here an awful lot! ;)


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Oh and i wanted to congratulate you all on your super losses :eek:


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Thanks Starlight.......As i dont have a clue about WW i think im gonna find myself a class. I did SW a couple of years ago and found it easy once i knew what i was doing. :rolleyes:


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Hi starlight......
Im joining WW after payday!
I am totally and utterly broke this month, ive 2 x birthday partys to pay for this weekend my eldest is 6 on saturday and my youngest will be 4 in a couple of weeks so hired a bouncy castle for the weekend....I must be bloody mad :silly:.
Ive been popping in having a read of the board and it looks like i'll manage (and if i dont i'll be calling on you guys...lol)


Likes to eat
delighted you have made the decision to go!!
this is the start of a whole new you!!! you should be so excited!!
If there is ANYTHING you want to know or could use some help with please dont hesitate to shout

xxx very best of luck xxx


Hi Trina
It's so lovely on here, everyone is so supportive and friendly, best of luck with it all.
Have fun on the bouncy castle!

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