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Would WW accept me??

Ok, I am finally consider actually going along to a WW meeting....I know I know, 4 months in and so close to goal so why would I need to go? Well I think it is because Maintenence will be the hardest thing for me. plus I would really like all the new documents. My question really is would they accept me?

I am 5.5lbs away from my goal....but I would weigh maybe 1 or 2 lbs more with clothes on...Would they accept me with so little to lose? i guess I should have thought about that a few weeks ago lol.

Maybe it's too late..what do you think?
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i think you need to have 7lbs to loose, but the fact that you've been doing it and just need a bit of help with the last bit and maintainance, i doubt they would turn you away (or your weekly fee!!)


Gonna be skinny!
Yer, as u've been away for 4 months will have to re-register but as long as ur 5lbs over the minimum healthy weight for your height - ur game. :)
I'm not sure what my ideal weight is actually. I am heavy boned - height 5.4 and a half! Does anyone know what my target weights would be?
Ha Ha. Good idea ;) I would lose 5lbs in a week hehehe. Jeans and a jumper lol. I am seriously contemplating it but I don't want to get laughed out of there - i.e why are you here? You have nothing to lose! I do have some to lose but I might look silly.

Is registration free at the mo?
According to the ww healthy weight chart, if you are 5'4 you should be in between 8st 5 and 10st 6 so am sure they would be pleased to let you join and you can assess your goal weight with the leader.
Thanks a lot Irene. Really helpful! I am still heavy lol!

I am at the top end of my normal weight but I really don't want to go below 10 (like I said I have really big bones). I seriosuly think I might do this if they would have me. Maybe I should phone them to see?
Thanks guys - you have been really helpful! x On the hunt for free registration.....
I think it's incredibly sensible to start to think about maintenance. I have got down to near goal about three times in the last 10 - 15 years and in this time, it has been the maintenance that's been the problem. I got down to within 2 stone of goal and then got bored, stopped thinking about it and here I am.

I hope they do let you in - they'd be daft not to as you'll be a real motivator for all the new people.
Thanks Saree. I have still not decided whether to go yet or not :/

The problem is getting away from work. If i ever had to miss it I would still have to pay the fee wouldn't I?

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