Extra Easy Would you consider this off plan?


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Just wondering everyone's take on it.

For dinner I really am not in the mood for veggies so am having chicken goujons (5 syns) SW chips and beans with 2 slices wholemeal bread (HEX B)

Now as I'm following EE I know each meal is meant to have 1/3 superfree but I just fancy junk food and this is kinda junk food but would you consider it off plan even though I'm syning it?
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have a bowl of superfree fruit afterwards? then it's EE - as it is it's green & you can have a further heb being on green plan.


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Yeah I would consider it to be off plan, but don't worry about it too much, I have an 'off plan' meal most days (breakfast) because I simply can't seem to get superfree to fit in with my breakfast, and I still have losses.

The idea behind superfree is that it fills you up so you don't need to eat as much of the other foods (free or synned)

It's not so bad IMO now and again as long as you watch your portion sizes and don't make a habit of it :)


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Technically it is off plan and the 1/3 superfree free isn't optional.

But personally it would depend on whether I'd eaten and 1/3 superfree overall over the whole day and if yes then I'd count it as on plan and if not then I wouldn't.


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Breakfast was a banana and apple

Lunch was 2 bowls of homemade lentil soup (about 2/3 superfree) and a bowl of fruit salad and total 0%

No snacks as of yet

I could have a green day eh but then I'd have to recalculate my chicken and I canna be bothered with that LOL

So given that I am well over 1/3 superfree on the day so far you figure I'll be ok but technically off plan?
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if you followed green, would the chicken not have a higher syn? (sorry, newish, been a while since SW!)

I would have a big bowl of fruit and count it as EE!

looks okay to me, I had a very heavy green day yesterday as felt like non-stop eating, but today not hungry at all:eek:!


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I don't think it's off plan hun. it's just not an optimim way of food optimising ;)

I reckon if you're over your 1/3 over the day, you ARE following the 1/3 rule, just perhaps not as stringently as you'd like.

Days I fancy stodge, I'm all about tatties and pasta n sauces. I still regard myself as totally on plan though.


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I wouldn't say it was off plan.

SW FAQ say:
Q: Is a third of a plate of Superfree Food mandatory on the Extra Easy plan?
A: No, we'd never insist you eat in a way that might not suit you. However, we encourage you to include a third of a plate of Superfree Food to keep Extra Easy extra low energy density (low calorie), extra satisfying and extra healthy to optimise weight loss.

So as a once off I would say it was till on plan.


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I dont think that ur off plan, as you seemed to have eaten alot of super free foods through out the day, I often do this by having fruit for breakfast and then veg soup for lunch and snacking on fruit throughout the day to, it just leaves the option of having something like egg and chips for dinner and then I dont have to worry if I have ate enough super free food

I think you will be ok, enjoy ur dinner, sounds lovely :)


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my consultant says to have 1/3 over the whole day as sometimes its hard to fit it in...


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ronniejacobs said:
my consultant says to have 1/3 over the whole day as sometimes its hard to fit it in...

I emailed sw the other day to ask how important the superfree element was on ee, and they said as long as you have 1/3 superfree over the course of the day then it's fine.


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I think its fine, as shrimpy posted i was going to say i saw that SW FAQ posted the other day that 1/3 is not compulsory but highly reconmended. Dont stress it'll be fine :)