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Would you do a diet devised by this obese woman?


WILL be Slim!
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that's made me chuckle! :D

She's a business woman...not an advertising slogan!
All diets work FACT!!! If they are followed correctly! Its people that fail the diets not the other way round! The comments at the bottom made me laugh the most! Some people are just blinded to the fact that for some, there is no alternitive!
Surely its not HOW one loses weight that is important?
I would rather do a so-called "starvation" (lol) diet that has been tried and tested for years than devise my own 500 cal plan and end up malnurished (sp?), or even worse, Anorexic/bullemic!
If CD and LL were so bad, they would have been taken off the market by now!
Stupid narrow minded people! tut

but the best bit is that i can sit here in my size 10's and laugh at their comments! :D:D:D
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Well, this is a very sad story, this poor girl had everything ahead of her and we all know how it feels to want to be slim for a big occasion. I want to believe that for the rare instance when things go drastically wrong there has to be many more instances where the VLCD's do good rather than harm...that alot less people suffer weight related diseases and mental anguish than are harmed or even die whilst undertaking the diets. With regards to the woman founder of the company, well i think I will try and feel compassion rather than derision.....many people take more than one attempt to stay slim and we all know many stories of weightloss and gain. LL has helped alot of people...and as with any popular diet someone is making money!!!
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I don't think that her being overweight is an issue. As a fat person myself, I know loads and loads about diet and nutrition, but it doesn't mean that I can apply it to my own life. It's a common thing, we know what we should do, have no problem telling others how to do it, but we just can't do it ourselves!

The diet works, and has worked for plenty of people. It's not like she is actually advertising the product. They have "real life" people, who have lost weight on the plan, advertise it. As for the "dangers", there is plenty written to support the diet, and similar VCLD's. x


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
If I had her millions I might find it difficult to stay slim too!

ha ha ha!!! I like your thinking! lol
(but then i would have a personal cosmetic surgeon on hand to correct anything that needed correcting)! lol

I don't care who invented the diet lol . As long as I know it is safe (which it it, as it's been researched) and it works for me, s*d everyone else lol.

Blimey I'm getting harsh in my old age!
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Typical tabloid bullsh*t if you ask me. Best ignored; they've found a 'link' (and it might have been some underlying condition she wasn't even aware of) and are using this to pedal their crap. They're just vultures; if the poor woman in question was following a 'sensible' diet and exercise as the people in the comments seem to think is the only way one should diet, then this would never have made the nationals.

I wasn't even aware of this until my CDC mentioned it yesterday, I tried to avoid tabloid 'news' if at all possible. Though I bought the Mirror this week... ...for the free Lego toys for my son, I didn't even read them lol


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
apparently the Daily Mail had it as well but there was a doctor quoted as being quite positive about VLCD which makes a change! :D
My mum, who hated me being on this diet at the start, phoned me to tell me about it.....it didnt take her long to see the "nicer" side of this diet so phoned to tell me about the Dr;s comments, and not the story which was nice to hear! :D

That's the thing that winds me up - we all know a lot of info about this diet and it's our choice to be on it. Far better to be a healthy BMI than Obese and putting strain on our heart etc.

But because of the bad reporting on one death that wasn't the fault of lighter life she just so happened to be on a diet at the time, now all my friends and family are going to think I'm going to die lol.

All the comments reminded me of a comment I got a while ago:
Her: Have you lost weight? You look great, how have you done it?
Me: Yes I've lost about 3 stone so far, I've been on a meal replacement diet called Cambridge.
Her: I've lost about 3 stone too but I did it the 'Hard Way' through healthy eating and exercise.

Whatever lol what makes her diet any harder than mine? I walked just away and chuckled inside.

Most of the negative comments about Meal Replacement diets are by people who don't understand them and don't research them.

Few end of rant! He he
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