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  1. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    Well its the end of day 2 and i am doing well, for me anyway and according to my wii bored i've lost 3 pounds since yesterday morning and i'm an even 20st. :talk017:

    But i was thinking do you think i should go back to group? I have joined countless times and always fall of the wagon after the first day, but i think my mentality has changed because i really want to succeed, i don't want to be miserable anymore. Plus i read about the monthly pass, i think that would help because if i've paid for it, i'd want to go, if that makes sense!

    Also anyone a member of the online weightwatchers? is it good and is it worth the money? I always thought it was just another way of getting money out of you but someone said it was really good but then she works for weightwatchers :D

    (sitting hear loving the snack a jack toffee popcorn while mr man grubs on munchies)
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  3. lou_xo

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    Weight Watchers-Points
    Thats exactly what happened to me, this is now my 3rd time at ww, and i think my mind has changed now. I just keep remembering how sad i was when i wasn't worrying about my weight and was gaining every week.
    I have the monthly pass and it really keeps me motivated as i know i'm wasting money if i don't stick to it!
    You get membership to the online bit when you get a monthly pass and thats really good too. I find it easier to track on the computer, not sure why!!
    Well done if you've lost 3lbs since yesterday!!!
    Lou_xo xxxxx
  4. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    Thanks Lou,
    I think i'll join this saturday, got a voucher somewhere, then buy a monthly pass. I need a new calculator, mines dying on me, is there anything else you think would be good to get?
    Are there some good cookbooks out?

    I always love to look but theres always so many people queuing in front i never get a good look.
  5. lou_xo

    lou_xo Member

    Weight Watchers-Points
    Yeah, i love my calculator!
    Well, ww do a good cookbook, but i think you can only buy it from bookshops, not the meeting. It's really good, although the downside is, i look at the recipe and don't remember that the points values given are per portion!
    Well, if you get monthly pass, you don't have to queue again!!
  6. Emma_2008

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    I would recommend it, i've got a Monthly pass which gives me access to the Online WW. It's great for all the reasons already mentioned;
    • Some people find it easier to track online
    • Theres loads of recipes on there!
    • Theres a Weight Tracker
    • Lots of Success stories!
    • "Find a Meeting" facility. (i went on hol recently and didnt want to miss it, so found another one near my holiday destination which happened to be Rye)
    • Recipe Builder
    • Meal Ideas
    • Theres lots of useful articles and information on there
    Theres a few of the things that are on the site, i personally find it to be an extra support to me. I hope this helps!

    Well done on your weightloss xx
  7. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

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    I have to admit I hate groups, grudge paying £5.50 for someone to weigh me when I have a perfectly good set of scales of my own ;)

    I did join the online thing and hated it too. Everytime I posted my loss it gave a 'warning' that I was losing too much. I dont like their forums, find them very hard to follow, theyre far too off topic and cliquey.

    Id go for a Calculator, Eating Out Guide & Shopping Guide and Minimins ;)

    Whether you can do without a group though depends on how focused and disciplined you are. A lot of people need to know they have 'someone to answer to' every week.
  8. yvonne85

    yvonne85 need to be old goofy me

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    my take on Atkins, will do it until i'm bored then go back onto WW methods.
    i agree with Starlight... the forum is extremely cliquey and off topic, granted sometimes its good to have some off-topic banter but often it was more off, than on-topic. Plus, there used to be 'trolls' - people who came on the forums to make nasty comments about other members. :mad: Mini-mins is far better! Don't leave us!

    As for paying to use the online features of ww online, i personally wouldn't bother. I used to pay for ww online a while back and i don't think its value for money. When you pay for ww online, there's a points calculator inbuilt into their page when you're logged in, however if you go to: http://points.ogo.ms/ you get one for free! [Thats for the UK points system].

    Also when you pay to use ww online, you get access to the points values of thousands of branded and non branded products, but there were several occasions when i noticed that they'd pointed things wrong. You also get access to an online tracker where you can enter your food intake but i got access an excel spreadsheet and it does exactly the same job... plus lots more! Feel free to download it, i've attached it...

    View attachment Clear - Weight Watchers Chart.zip

    Hope that attachment works.

    Granted you do get access to lots of recipes, but you can easily find similar things on the net for free and alter them to suit your needs, i guess.

    You don't need to pay for the following items on the ww website:
    - success stories of other members
    - the forums
    - class finder

    However, i'm in N.Ireland and Monthly Pass isn't available over here, so i'd have to pay for the online membership, as well as ordinary class fee's... i'm not made of money...!! :p
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