Fair play to ya!!!!

Am really pleased! Keep up da good work

oh 20 people have looked but havent commented cant be that bad surely :( dont worry u can tell me if u think theres not much change!:D
You can certainly see a change Louisa!!

Just keep taking the pictures as something to look back on when you finish and realise what you have acheived.

Nah from reading your posts, your perfect in everyway and this is just a single step towards unleasing yourself the way you want to be. and you can see a difference and i bet you can feel a difference as well...

You are doing so very well. I am pleased for you.

Not long either til your spliced :)

Good Luck!!!

Well done, you can really notice a difference, I noticed it loads in the tummy area.
Fantastic work x

Louisa you are doing great!!!!!!!

It is amazing the difference in such a short time, I am absolutely thrilled for you!!!:D :D :D

Love Mini xxx
Hi Louisa,

There is a vast difference in your tummy area, well done you.

Don't worry about the amount of viewers of your post remember some are just visitors and unless they register they can't post.

Keep up the good work.

You're doing fantastically, you definatly can see a difference especially on your face and tummy. Very soon I shall be brave enough to post before and after photos (very soon, but not today!) (or tommorow!)

Congratulations on your fabulous acheivement - keep up the splendid work.
What great photos, well done you. It's lovely to see the changes that people are going through as it helps to keep me motivated and away from the biscuits!