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Wow....that was a long way down

I'm talking about my fall off the wagon at the weekend! :sigh:

Anyway, 3 days off plan :sign0007:and I feel crap and guilty! BUT I'm back on track as of today and facing the music at weigh in tomorrow!

Off to visit friends for a long weekend on Thurs but luckily they do SW and have already agreed that we're sticking to plan this weekend!

Am a bit annoyed with myself for giving in and not staying in control as I really wanted to lose another 6lb in 6 weeks to get my award before going to America. BUT if I work my butt off I might still be able to do it. Let's see what the damage is tomorrow. :innocent0001:
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Have my fingers crossed for you hun! I am sure it won't be that bad xx
Just think of it as having a few days off. Well done for getting back on the wagon and there's nothing to stop you still getting to your mini-goal. Good luck!
There's still hope Stacey! You're doing the right thing - going to class, facing the damage (which might not be as bad as you suspect) and aiming for your target.

Good work :)
Thanks ladies! You inspire me and pick me up as ever!

I know in the scheme of things that 3 days isn't horrendous but it was the out-of-control feeling I had that scared me! I didn't like feeling like I couldn't stop it so I'm very happy to be back at work today and back into my normal routine!

Harrie - funny thing was, although I did enjoy aspects of it, the guilt and feeling sick from eating so much crap actually meant that I didn't really enjoy it at all! Certainly wasn't worth it in the long term, but then again, it never is! It did prove to me how much I enjoy being on SW and how much better I feel when food optimising!
At least next time you feel the need to slide off plan you can remember how yukky you felt and that it wasn't worth it. Good luck at weigh in I hope it's not too bad and you can reach your mini goal.
Well done for getting up again!! IMO that is the secret of losing weight. We all fall off the wagon sometimes.

I too have had 3 days off plan but I've weighed myself (I no longer go to WIs) and no damage. I have been seriously limiting my portions though, which sucked.
Stacey, you inspired me when I started back at slimming world daunted by the huge amount I had to lose, I followed lots of your recipes and really started enjoying the plan and before I knew it today I got the shiny 1 stone award.

We all fall off the wagon from time to time and Easter is a hard time for those of us tempted by all the treats- dont beat yourself up, just pick yourself up, you can do it Stacey, you have helped alot of us on here, and we are all here to help you:)
Awww shucks - you ladies are just so great! What would I do without you?

You really have helped me to pick myself back up. Will let you know the results tomorrow night!

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