wow....there are loads of VLCD on the market


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Obecure is one

see how many we can find

theres 100s of them out there....see if you can find any and add them to the thread...!

Off to sew my sons school trousers

See you later


BB is on in 2 mins too!
I never seen so many???

Who would of thought!

I did hear that China was beginning to have an obesity problem as they seem to love carbs!!!

Mars open a huge factory in Russia! Guess that they most also be addicted!

Where did you get them jfc?

Love Mini xxx
google is a wonderful thing...!

I wonder how the cost varies...see if I can find out..
noodles remind me of worms though...(have I put you off )

Now off to look for a chocolate bar one
When we are having noodles I always throw some out for the birds, they love them. I wonder do they think they are worms:confused: