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Ive not heard of anyone getting a rash on these before have you asked your doctor? the wind oh yes ive had that too.

Congrats on the loss


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that is truly a wow.. well done you! .. think most people have a honey moon period when they first start "the xenical way".... things im sure will settle down a bit! for me thats ware the hard work began!!
im a right windy miller especially when ive over done things! but nope not the rash thang!! :)
woo hoo... congrats on the loss. I haven't had much wind i've been getting more stomach grumbling and growling.
erm yep very windy!! LOL Hoping that it eases off a bit as i'm so new to the tablets!!

Well done on your weight loss!!!
Having bad 2 days i cant eat good stomach pains and feeling dizzy also on high blood pressure tabs been as my blood prssure go out so the up tabs but these pains in stomach feel so weir:(


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What kind of rash do you have? Where is it? Is it very itchy? Has it spread? Does it look like hives?

Rash is reaction to the Xenical, as has happened to a few people. I had a very bad rash some time ago now (I'll check in my diary when it was) I had it for nearly 3 weeks and it drove me mad.. I was also taking green tea, I stopped taking the green tea in case it was that..

The rash did go, never found out what it was :)


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Morning since stop taking tabs rash gone,craps gone etc i wonder if tabs wasnt for me but i shud try again so wish me good luck xx
The cramps are common with Xenical though, and they do settle down..Make a note of the day you start taking the Xenical and as soon as you start itching again make a note of that, plus anything different you'd had...you should be able to eliminate the cause of the rash... to be honest, it does sound like it could be the Xenical...when I had a rash and itching it did go after nearly 4 weeks...never found out what it was.

I scratched myself so bad that Ileft scratch marks, my skin was red, sore and you could see where I had been bleeding. I had it on my wrists going up to bingo wing central and across my stomach :(
Hi hun my rash was also across my stomach when i went doctors he said he never heard of any one comming out in a rash felt no one belive me any how start them again cause seem you all lost weight so here i go 2nd time round :)


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I would wait until the rash has completely gone, then re start taking the Xenical, if the rash comes back then you know it's the Xenical. I got a steriod cream for the rash...

There have been cases of rashed reported with Xenical.

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