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  1. Gabby

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    Well ive decided to give it a go, ive got the old books, old points work out thing, dont like the look of pp at all.
    And i dont cook, wont cook never gonna happen :D
    so read a few things and bought some asda good for you meals, ww bagals, yummy, but its a pain now cus its all pp dont on packs, has anyone got a list of old points chrisps ect sweet chocs pudding, os it is worth getting a old calc on ebay, how do they work, sorry for lots questions, but ww why oh why ruin a good thing, and few people i know trying knew way hate it, they got there old books out lol
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  3. chipbutty

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    Weight Watchers Points Calculator

    hi, copy & paste the above link, it has the old points calculator & the new propoints on, goodluck on your weightloss, i also dont like the new system & doing the old points x
  4. unabell

    unabell Full Member

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    Hi Gabby
    I've just started ww but stuck to old plan as i had already bought the books for it. Think the calculator has been a lifesaver as quick and handy when you're out and about. You just put in the cals and sat fat and they give you the points. Good luck :)
  5. dawson66

    dawson66 Full Member

    i too like the old plan better, hav tried ppts but not liking it as much, starting discovery as of today
  6. Rockleeej

    Rockleeej Member

    If your back on the old plan and have a smart phone then there is an app which will make your tracking a whole lot easier

    The app is iwatchr and developer is DavoliApps. Check out the website DavoliApps.com.

    I find it really useful and has a point calc too.
  7. gfox1981

    gfox1981 New Member

    Hi there I am new to this site but just wondered if anyone can help me. I have tried propoints and it made me put weight on and after having lost 5 stone on the old points wish I had never changed. I gave all my old books away thinking propoints would work so I am stuck as to how many points I can have per day could someone please post the points quiz fo me many thanks!! :)
  8. Littlepink

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    Weight Watchers
    How to work out daily point allowence:

    Are you Male (9 points)
    Female (3 points)

    Age 16-20 (5 points)
    21-35 (4 points)
    36-50 (3 points)
    51-65 (2 points)
    Over 65 (1 point)

    How many stones = ie 13 stone is 13 points

    How tall under 5ft 4 = (1 point)
    Over 5ft 4 (2 points)

    Your job - do you
    Sit down most of time = (0 points)
    Occ sitting but mainly standing (2 points)
    Walking most of the time (4 points)
    Physical hard work most of time (6 points)

    Do you want to loose weight (0 points)
    Maintain your current weight (6 points)
  9. gfox1981

    gfox1981 New Member

    Oh that's great thanks very much x :)
  10. fat?me?

    fat?me? Full Member

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    Weightwatchers D points
    Am on the old points system as it works for me...I also have all the old point WW stuff, scales books etc...and as long as i have my trusty calculator i know i can't go wrong...I refuse to buy all the new stuff i paid enough for the what i got already...at the end of the day the plan still works well so why mend it if its not broken i say!!! good luck to you all whatever diet you choose..Remember if you want it bad enough you will succeed...xx
  11. Dinah22

    Dinah22 Member

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    Thanks chipbutty for that info. Have dowloaded it and shall use it every day!
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