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WTF? STS again??


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Im not annoyed, just disappointed. I have been on SW for 4 weeks now and the first 2wk were good, i lost both weeks. I didnt expect it to last and did expect a STS on week 3, but not on wk 4 either?
Im so determined to do it properly so i have been on here most days looking for the syn values etc and i have been eating loads, very rarely hungry. But i dont get why i STS again? :confused:
I really hope it doesnt happen next week because i just cant deal with a third week STS!!!! :mad:
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Some times this happens and you don't have a significant amount to lose. It can be your body adjusting or like many others you lose one week, sts for a few then lose again. Don't be disheartened :)


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I agree - you are already within the healthy BMI range so you may find that the weight comes off more slowly.

But in terms of following the plan you may want to consider whether you are eating too much free food, try upping the superfree and speed foods rather than piling your plate with free foods. Make sure you get a good variety in what you eat - foods, HEs and recipes - as I always find this helps. Are you exercising? If not, then I would recommend you try an get more active.

Do you keep a food diary that people can have a look at and perhaps give you some advice?
I know how u feel because Ive had 2 weeks of STS. Just make a few changes suggested by other posters here and see what happens.

My aims this week is to dirnk 6-8 water, be more active, and no pinching little pieces of food !
Try to increase superfree foods and maybe lessen things like carbs , just a little . :)

hope that helps.
It's interesting with the water thing...i have drank 2 litres everyday for the first 2 weeks and lost 4lb each week. I have found it much harder this week (well i've just not made as much of an effirt with it tbh!), wonder what the scales will say tomorrow due to me not having much water.

Shabba, 8.5lbs in 4 weeks is still great, works out at an average over 2lbs a week.
hi shabba instead of looking at the negatives look at the positive u've lost 8.5 lbs which is a good result so well done on that, good luck to u :)
Yip agreed, 8.5 is a great loss...I am into week 7 and have lost 11 pounds...it's all steady weight loss. It's not a race, it's a new way of life xx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I know its a good loss so far but i was hoping for at least a 1lb this week after i've stuck to it religiously!! I even synned all my vodka and was careful how much i had :giggle: After doing well on WW and yes i did have ups and downs i just wanted to keep the momentum going because ill end up getting disheartened and go off track.

I will try upping my water for this week and see if that works. I do drink a lot of fluids anyway and cant drink pure water :giggle:

I can only try! :)
Yep I agree, loads of water (I have squash) I find it fills me up and I can go for ages without feeling hungry. It's funny how you get stuck at a certain weight, then all of a sudden you fly again and the weight just seems to drop off! Stay positive xx

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