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I've been on the 1000 plan for 6 days now. I swear on my life, I've stuck to it 100%, in fact if anything I haven't had as much as I'm supposed to.

Yet I just stepped on my scales and I've PUT ON 4 pounds! I know the body takes a while to adjust to more food and not being in ketosis and I even expected to put on a pound. But FOUR POUNDS??

I'm so scared that I'll never be able to eat even a half normal diet again without putting on weight! :cry:
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Hmm strange, you might find that it comes down though! I found around this time last week (half way through my week) I was 2-3lbs up, and then ended up 4lbs down by the end of it! Try not to worry, if you're doing all you should be doing, I'm sure it'll work out ok!

Is it your totm?

Done much exercise?



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It's probably water retention, definitely not fat gain! Your body needs to adjust to the new plan and so you might see a gain, but it will soon come off. Keep going, you're doing well xx


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Hi hannah, Like everyone else has said just give your body time to adjust. Women should have around 2000 calories a day, so your only having half of that, Stick with it and you will be fine! xxxx


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Hey Hannah, you're dead right, it can't be fat. I remember having a similar 'problem' when I was going up the plans.

I had my slice of bread and put on 2 lbs overnight. Thing was, my weight was so stable, a 2lb gain scared the life out of me.

I stuck with it though, and it came off again.

Bodies are weird. Hang in there ;)


Ahhhh! but you see, body doesn't quite work the same way in ketosis as it does when you're on 1000 (not in ketosis). You're getting the carbs!

So....2 possibilities. 1...your glycogen stores are just filling up - which is dandy, that'll just even out in a bit. 2. You said you weren't eating enough. tsk tsk!!! eat it! body COULD be having a bit of a freak out holding on to joyous water.

Personally, I didn't like 1000. I would always fall down. No ketosis safety, but still not enough calories to not be hungry. You must have some will power girlie!

It's not fat...promise. Unless you happened to eat 2lbs of lard (or similar) and can see the sticky out lump on your neck or something :)

Don't worry...go look at the maintainance threads....its kinda...dare I say it....normal :)
Hi Hannah, I hope it all works it's way out..am sure you will get the results eventually. Meanwhile that is a lovely profile pic, if I am thinking right you have changed it recently? your hair is now curly and you look extra fab!

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Hiya hun. I'm on 1000 now and really loving it. Have the fruit options as you can have loads and loads. I have it with my porridge and yoghurt, also on its own. I have been sticking to the fruit option for breakfast to give my body time to adjust but after my weight sts for most of 3 weeks on 810 at the end, it's started to shift again on 1000.

Have everything you should be having and I also upped my water to 4 litres. Somethings working!

Don't look at the scales and just carry on, the lbs will fall off before you know it xxx

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