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  1. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    Hello all,
    I am coming to the end of loosing my weight with cambridge, after many years at ww. Had to loose the weight quickly due to an operation.:sigh:
    Has anyone done that and maintained with ww?
    I have gold membership, so can go to a meeting, but was wondering about the transition and if anyone had any help or advice out there!
    im really looking forward to getting back on the points!:D
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  3. fitz

    fitz Lovin it !!! :)

    You will possibly see a small gain when changing from a VLCD such as Cambridge to an eating plan such as Weight Watchers but there is no reason why you cannot continue to lose with WW if followed correctly after losing on CD. Good Luck :)
  4. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Heelloo yes meeee.! i lost 2 stone with CD in september this year i have done ww 8 times back in the past but i must say moving on to weight watchers has helped me alot.!
    I didnt go up the plans on cd only went as far as 810 plan came back to weight watchers and stick to 18 points a day now...!

    The first week after leaving cd i STS then the next wi was STS again since coming off CD i have gained 2 lbs and thats when it is TOTM really.! I love my new weight and size clothes nothing will make me gain the weight again.!

    Everyone is different but i didnt gain any weight what so ever my CDC is very impressed with me lol
    Im returning back to CD on monday to loose a few more pounds CD is the BEST so is WW hahaha.

    Good luck xx
  5. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    18 points!! omg! to maintain!!!??? thats not alot! was hoping to have more than that...

    did you use any of the CD stuff at all or just switch straight over?
    I love the CD bars, but theyre 3 and half points each...
  6. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    hahaha but i tell you when i came off CD my stomach had totally shrunk so 18points is just right for my stomach now.!!!

    How many points were u on ww? speak to your leader? lol i love the peanut bars for a breakfast on the run at 3.5points each.

  7. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    well, depends which time I did ww!!
    I had to leave ww to do CD, and I was loosing on 22 points, but nearer goal I was on 18 to loose...

    I (obviously) never sucessfully maintained when i hit goal before, so not sure how many points i would need or even how to work that out! is it trial and error, kind of eat points and see if you gain/loose?

    I love ww, and am v excited to return, CD has been fab to shift the weight, but i need the strict control of the points again to maintain! im determined to keep it off this time!
  8. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Well done you how much do u weigh now???

    I also was excited to return to ww plan i totally cut out carbs for 3 months only this month ive started having carbs again small amounts, sugar free drinks, thinking along the CD plan really it's with me for life hahaha.!
  9. fitz

    fitz Lovin it !!! :)

    There is a thread at top of WW boards which will tell you how many points you should be on to lose weight. When you have done losing you need to work up the points gradually to 6 extra per day to see where you stabilise & maintain.
  10. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    The week i went back to ww i guessed to start with 20 points and still STS, following week dropped to 18 points and still STS.!

    So i can play it between 18-20 points a week i wouldnt risk going over these points thou.!

    Why dont u try that start high 22 points like before and see how u feel/ and get on??
    OR re do the quiz i say what works for you really.! Im still pushing to loose another 10 lbs but over the moon with my weight now.x
  11. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    Im currently at 9st11lb, so want to loose a bit more with CD before the switch over, Ideally want to maintain between 9st and 9st7, my gold card is set at 9st7... so i can go 5lb either way of that. But bearing in mind about gaining a little Im thinking get to 9st 4 maybe then switch... but i need to start thinking about it now and make plans and get my head into it!
    Food is a little scary after 4 months without it!
    Im terrified about gaining, but determined to maintain properly this time, and looking forward so much to being in control with food and points!
  12. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    wow 9st 11 is very low wow.im thinking you are SSing then??
    Can i please tell you DON'T BE SCARED OF FOOD.!
    It's all about which foods you choose to EAT AGAIN.!!
  13. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    Yeah im on SS and a bit of milk in my tea! ive been eating a bit a few times a week all the way through, but going back to regular eating is scary! which is why i need to come back to ww to maintain.

    I started ww last jan and weighed in at 14st2lb, as im only 5'2" 9st11lb still feels like i have weight to loose, just a lil bit tho!

    Im determined to make good food choices, but having a family etc its always cheeper to eat junk! thats why i managed to get so overweight to begin with!
  14. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    I think u will do well!!!! i started ww at 14.3 im SSING tomorrow now lol lol x

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