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WW leaders!


I need chocolate now!!!
Hi everyone! This is my third week on WW pro points. Getting straight to the point, my question is - What do you think of your WW class leader??? I will be honest and say my leader is not good. All she does is weigh you, write down what you have lost and that's it. No motivational encouragement, no interest in getting to know you, nothing! I read WW magazine and everyone says how wonderful their leader is and how supportive the other members are but their is none of that at my meeting. Hardly anyone stays for the class and you can't blame them as the leader totally lacks inspiration. Should I move to another meeting with a different leader? Am I expecting too much? What do you think of your own leader? All comments are welcome. Thanks.
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I had the same problem as you, the first group i went to was more like a cattle market (all que'd up to get weighed like going to slaughter :p). If you had gained weight there was no advice on what to do different, one woman gained 9lb one week and the leader told her it was due to totm. If you are not getting the support or motivation from the class then you are just paying them £5 per week to get weighed which you can do at boots for 70p. I would try a different group you can always goto one as a visitor and get weighed and see what the leader is like.
Good luck xx


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My leader is lovely, always asks how the week has been , if there were any problems, and if there are to see her after the discussion if it doesn't come up during. She's very honest about herself too, she put on a lb after going to The Savoy for afternoon tea where ~ when asked what pastry she would like, replied, ~ "one of each!". She's also very supportive to people who have put on askd if there were reasons etc etc and brings the group in asking what advice we could offer when faced with certain situations
I agree with NeedsMotivation see if there is another class or ask around and see if anyone you know goes to one they would recommend!
Hope you find somebody supportive.


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I think I am very lucky as the leader I have is fantastic & very motivational & gets to know you too. She txts & emails me at least once per week.

For the last couple of weeks I'd struggled to lose any weight even though I was tracking etc so she took my tracker home & rang me the next day to advise me what to do.
Her advice paid off & this week I lost 7lbs!

I'd change meetings if I were you. xxx


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I'm just on my third week so still getting to know my leader but she was great at my first meeting, 2 days later text me to say welcome to the group and as I was starting to get my head round the system did I need any advice and good luck.

Then this last week a couple of days after weigh in she texts again to say well done on the weight loss that week. The week before when I wasn't happy and she asked how it had gone the only reply was "I don't want to talk about it" and she backed off rather than pushing me which I actually really appreciated at the time - I'd lost anyway so she was happy and I think she just totally got that I wasn't happy that I'd lost less than I wanted.

She has set up a group on Facebook and puts little motivators on there as well.

There's not a huge number of people who stay for the chats after weigh in but more than there used to be at my old meetings and she is very honest about her own weight challenges at those - things she says make you realise that she really gets what its like and that makes you feel more confident about approaching her to discuss any problems or for any advice you need. And she's also honest about when she doesn't reach her own goal or gains a pound or so which again helps because you then know she struggles too.

I did WW years ago with a leader who was a nightmare. She was so ridiculously judgemental and if you hadn't lost enough or, horror of horror, you'd gained you didn't even want to go and weigh in because of the reaction you'd get. I eventually gave up because I had enough of that.

So if you aren't happy with your leader then definitely switch to another one - as you get further into the weight loss it gets harder and harder to stay on track and stay motivated at times and if you don't have someone to give you a boot up the behind every now and then or to help keep you motivated when you need it then that is going to be so much harder.


I need chocolate now!!!
Thanks everyone for your replies. I am going to go to a different group this Thursday, I only hope that she isn't leading the other group too!


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WEll if she is you just say you couldn't make the other meeting and heard about that class and as you didn't want to miss a week you went there.
Hi Ellen, hope your Thursday meeting goes well. I've left meetings before because of the leader and now I go to a meeting that's further away from home so it's more expensive to go there with petrol prices going up but I feel it's so worth it as it's working for me now and I feel really motivated and we get great support from the meeting - there's always a huge crowd that stay for the talk which I believe says a whole lot. The funny thing is I see loads of people who also live near me going to the further meeting and the local leader has reduced the number of classes she has so perhaps WW should be monitoring this to ensure all of their leaders are performing - I wonder does head office ever visit their meetings on a random basis? If they don't, they should!
I'm sure many years ago if you complained (or enough people complained!) they would send in a "secret member" to monitor the leader. It may just have been one of those urban myths but it may be worth asking a few of the people who don't stay why they don't, and then writing to head office and telling them how many people are unhappy and why!.
My leader runs 2 classes back to back 9-9.30 (for those who just want to weigh and run and then 9.30 - 10.45 iish for those that want to stay (not everyone does but at least they have a definite choice.


I need chocolate now!!!
Hi everyone, thanks for the comments. If the new meeting I am going to on Thursday isn't run be a good leader then I have been thinking that I will just follow the plan myself at home and weigh myself weekly. Each meeting I attend costs ten Euro and to be honest I have been thinking of putting that money into a piggy bank each week and having a big clothes shopping spree when I get to goal!!! What does everyone think?
Oh Ellen I couldn't give up my meeting - the support is invaluable and I top it up here - I prepay so I get 6 wks for EUR50 - then I feel I get value - maybe try that....
My leader isn't that good when shes weighing you, she always wants to get you done asap, she does give you a quick "well done" if you have lost but thats about it. Me and my friend do stay for the meetings and she livens up then but shes abit fake, she puts on this daft voice and its like she speaking to a bunch of primary school kids rather than adults. Its very annoying but I cant get to any other meeting :(
Mine seems ok, very friendly. Only on my thrid week though so we'll see.......


I need chocolate now!!!
So I went to a different meeting on Thursday (lost 2.5lbs yippee!), it was 10am so I deliberately didn't eat breakfast before I went to see if it would help my weight loss - is that cheating?lol

Thank God it was a different leader! She was an older woman, more upbeat and humorous than my normal leader, she said 'you've lost a huge two and a half pounds' and gave me my first silver 7! I had to wait ages for the meeting to start as there were so many people queuing to get weighed. Only seven people stayed for the meeting. The leader gave an ok talk about calculating points and portion control but it was only what you read in the books when you join WW. I am still undecided whether I will continue going to WW meetings or not. Money is tight at the moment and ten Euro is a lot to just get weighed and I can't afford to prepay 50 Euro in advance for 6 meetings. I find this site a hell of a lot more supportive than the meetings, that's for sure.
Thanks everyone for your comments, I will let you know what I decide to do.

PS I also doubt if WW leaders are monitored at all by WW.
I know I've definitely sat in a meeting with a WW supervisor but it was years ago! I like the meetings, I like the accountability of somebody else doing the weighing, I can't wiggle on the scales to see if leaning to my left makes me lighter lol.
But as you say 10 euros is 10 euros!


I need chocolate now!!!
To update, I have decided to stop attending groups and do WW myself at home. I am going to buy a digital weighing scales this week and whatever I weigh when I first stand on the new scale then that is what I am going to accept my weight as. I'm thinking I will switch from Thursday weighing to weighing myself first thing on Friday mornings. That way, if I have a loss, I can treat myself a little on Friday night. I will just buy a big fat notebook to use as my food tracker, might buy a sheet of stickers at the stationery shop to reward myself with every time I lose the magic 7 lol
So is anyone else going it alone at home?
After having the same experience as you with leaders, i have been following the plan at home. We bought some WW scales from argos that was half price and they are great, i still get weighed on a wednesday but maybe your idea of a friday is a good one, means if your naughty over the weekend you have longer to try to right it.

Good luck let us know how its going xx


I need chocolate now!!!
Gosh Zoe, you have lost an amazing amount of weight! Well done, I hope you are proud of yourself!

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