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Had a practice at points today

Hi I have started to have a practice go at points this morning but dont think i have done it right .
When i come to add my bfast and lunch and snack ive only had 9.5 points so far and ive got 17.5 points left for my tea but no way will my tea be that .
Am i doing something wrong:sigh:
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why not post what you've had so far and someone can work out the points for you to see if you've gone wrong anywhere.

otherwise you can have more than what you've eaten today at your meals to use up your points!

snail. x
Hi This is just my practice points day

Bfast 2 small slices of wholemeal bread 2 points
Low sugar jam 1/2
Cup of coffee

2 slices wholemeal bread 2 points
2 slices peppered ham 2 points
cherry tomatoes
pkt potatoe head crisps 1 1/2 points

snack banana

Tea pork loin chop 3 add half points
200g potatoe 2 points
apple sauce 1/2 point

This is todays menu
Hi Bethany. A medium banana is 1.5 points, did you point that? And also, it might be worth double checking the points for the bread (if you haven't already). The basic ww food list says that a slice a medium bread is 1 point, BUT, I find that a lot of them actually work out at 1.5 points a slice, which can add up to quite a difference if you eat a lot of it in one day.

Also, I noticed you haven't got milk on the list but you do have coffee - if you have milk in your tea/coffee then that needs to be pointed also.

You'll soon get the hang of it hun, once you're in the swing of it you can't help but automatically count and remember points for everything you eat.

If you're struggling to use all your points (which I seem to remember you saying in a thread once before?) then perhaps you could add some low fat butter/spread to your breakfast bread/toast as well as jam, that would use an extra point of two (depending on how much you like - I personally love my toast drenched in butter/spread - mmm!).

How many points are you allowed per day?
Hi Im allowed 27 points aday but in the shopping guide it says a med slice of bread 1 point but i weighed some ham on my old ww scales and it said 2 points but with the cardboard slider it said 1 point what do you believe

Think i will do better if i go to a meeting
I would go with the scale readings myself, and if you do go to ww meetings then I would also invest in a calculator. They're not expensive (about £6ish I think) and they work out the points exactly for you. The card slider is only really a rough guide, it's difficult to be exact with that, but with the calculator you can put in the exact amount of calories and sat fat and it tells you without doubt what the points are - I use mine all the time, it's the best thing I even bought!

Bread differs so much in calories etc, each brand and type seems to be different. Portion sizes also seem to be bigger these days, which is down to these companies who make it. Most brands have the nutritional information for each slice shown on the packet now (rather than just per 100g as it used to be) so that is really helpful - I tend to double check points for bread every time I buy a different brand.

I probably sound a bit over the top, but I eat quite a lot of bread, so each 1/2 extra soon adds up for me.
Thanks Marie

I will certainley invest in a calculator they sound really helpful its handy when bread has got per slice so can you work points out with the calculator if you buy pre packed meat can you also go with the cals per slice and sat fat and it will tell you
Exactly. Anything with the nutritional information on for each portion (which is most things these days, which is great!) can be worked out exactly with the calculators...and they're only tiny little things so can easily be carried around in your handbag.

If you do decide to start ww, when's your first meeting?

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