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WW pizza's

I haven't seen them around for a long time, but when they came out the only place near me that did them was Asda...have you tried there?
hi fay, i work in tesco and we used to stock them.. but about a year or more ago there was an EPW (emergency product withdrawl) on a lot of microwavable foods and they were one of them i think now think cos i never seen them again after that!

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Last time I was supermarket shopping (3 months ago!) I remember seeing some WW fresh pizzas in the chilled section at sainsburys - not quite the same as the frozen ones, but still WW - better than nothing, I guess (sorry, don't remember how much they were)
Oh no, sorry, I just assumed you meant the fresh ones! I forgot ww used to do the frozen ones!!!! Ooh, the frozen ones were lovely!!!...can't even remember the last time I saw those though :(
Just as an alternative, do you know the "tesco finest range" well their ham and pinapple pizzas (for a whole big one) are 10 points so 5 for half and they are gorgeous and if I remember right the ww pizzas were 4 points - this "half" is much bigger....


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I have never seen a ww pizza so would be interested to know what they are like!!

I have had the new Tesco Healthy Living pizza's, margerita was 5 or 6 points I think and mushroom, ham and tomato was 6 I think....they were okay....not like "real" pizza though, but satisfying enough.......

I have only seen them in a MASSIVE tesco near me though and not the normal tesco's....


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I saw WW pizzas in Sainsburys today. 2 for £2.50. Made a special note as I remembered this thread.


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Hi Guys,

Asda seems to have loads of WW stuff, the had about 4 pizza topings today, not including the ovals, didn't look at frozen, sorry girls, i will look for you next time



I was in supermarket tonite and was looking for frozen w/w pizza and they did not have any either they were lovely with a salad very filling, i will miss them .

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