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WW ProPoints Pedometer.

Hi, I am thinking of getting one of the ProPoints Pedometers, but am a little apprehensive as the very 1st WW pedometer I brought was fab, very accurate, the the last one I brought the WW Pedometer Plus, I just didnt get along with it was very in accurate and never really got it to work properly :mad:, So was just wondering if anybody has tried the new Pro Points one and if it is any good?

Thank you X
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well, after my WW pedometer fell in the toilet for the second time it decided to give up (won't blame it!) so I'm looking for a new one. With the experience I had with the two I bought (the one that fell in the toilet twice was a propoints one, and I've lost the points one I had beforehand) I can honestly say they're not very good. The two I had kept on resetting themselves all the time, and with the second one, this happened even BEFORE it fell in the toilet pot so that's not relevant! Once I went with my boyfriend to a 6 hours walk and when I went to the loo in a pub where we stopped for a quick drink (no, it didn't fall there LOL) the pedometer was showing 3 propoints earned. Went back to sit down with my bf at the pub before continuing and when I went to the toilet again (too much diet coke LOL) it was showing that I still had 8000 steps to do to be healthy! I was SO disappointed :(

In the end of the walk the pedometer was showing 1 points gained, but because it had earned already 3 points beforehand and it should give you 1 point for every 2710 steps you take at my weight it means that I had earned in reality 7 propoints for the walk! I knew it because I had realised the pedometer had reset itself and I had done my calculations, but what if I hadn't? How disappointed would I have been if I had looked at my pedometer in the end of the day and seen only 1 point gained and less than 6 miles covered when I had walked for over 6 hours? Even with a 30 minutes stop at the pub, that was 5 hours and a half walk! After that I started wearing it on my back rather than on my side, hoping that this would stop it from resetting, but it didn't and I only obtained to have it fall in the toilet twice and break it :(

I would rather advise you to get a pedometer from Amazon, one of those that have a PC program where you can download data and keep track of what you're doing, and use that to see how much calories you burn. It's money better spent IMHO!
Thanks for the advice :D I think I will have a look on amazon, for the ones with computer data sounds fab :D I am not too bothered about "earning" points, just want to really try and increase my walking setting little goals.

Thank you bothx

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