Ww v CD


Hi Can anyone tell me what the difference is between CD AND WW. I know the diet intake is different but what rate do you lose weight, is one more then the other?

My sister in law has started WW AND HAS LOST 12 IBS and I have started CD only to lose 5 ib, so I am wondering if WW is better?:rolleyes:
Hi Rose,

I can only speak of my own experience but apart from the first week on CD where I lost 10lbs.

My normal weekly loss is about 2 to 3lbs. at most on CD and on WW it would be 1/2lb. at most.

I stuck to the diet religiously and my class leader went over my weekly food diet diary and she was even surprised I was so slow.:(

It took me ten weeks on WW to lose 10lbs.

I think the programme is excellent and I have done it a good few times down the years but found it too slow for me and I felt overwhelmed with the amount of weight I had to lose.

Husband did excellent on it and it still using it to maintain.

I believe firmly in finding what works best for you.

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx
Every one loses weight at a different rate and the rate changes also at different times of the month for women. The biggest difference between the diets is i think that with WW and other food diets you have to have acertain amount of control to just stick to the portions/points/sins you are allowed where as with VLCDs that is taken out of the equation, theres no weighing, measuring or counting you just have your packs. I know for me at the moment i cant do a food diet, i love SW think its the best diet out there but i couldnt at this time control myself so took food out of it and im losing nicely. Also after a short while with WW etc the losses slow down to around 1-2 lbs per week so the process of getting slim is much slower but with VLCDs the loss will continue to be around 4-5lbs per week, ww etc dont promise a stone a month do they? So while it may look like your SIL is in the lead you will overtake her very quickly.
I would like to add to that I also find the fact that food is taken out of the equation a big thing for me as well as I do like the break away from it.

Love Mini xxx
I agree with Mini. I tried CD and the longest I lasted was 2 weeks. I lost weight fast but I had a terrible time and was really unhappy. I started WW jus over a week ago and I am loving it. I am not struggling in the slightest and i feel like Im training myself to control what I eat as I go along! I always feel satisfied at the end of the night instead of deprived. It may take a little longer but I prefer to be happy while Im doing it ;)
I would like to add to that I also find the fact that food is taken out of the equation a big thing for me as well as I do like the break away from it.

Love Mini xxx

Me too, if I was allowed to eat I would have had the portion and as the weeks went by they used to slowly get bigger and bigger that is why I love this diet as you cant have any....lol
Id love to be able to do a VLCD for the results but know I dont have the willpower. WW suits me as I can still eat but its just re-educating yourself to be sensible. I know I can still go out for lunch/dinner etc I just need to be aware of what Im having.

I did WW years ago and lost a steady 2-4lbs a week. Its slower coming off but it is steady.

Ultimately its a personal choice whatever suits you and your circumstances :)
I have a foot in both camps, so to speak!

I lost 6 1/2 stone with LL/CD over 2 years ago & have found that over the last year a stone or so has gone back on.

I have retried to sole source on CD but find it very hard so have been doing a combination of WW & CD. I use the shakes as a quick 'meal' when I cant be bothered to get anything else (2 points) and do find them really filling. Also if I have a few 'bad' days with going over my points I will have a couple of days on CD to combat this.

I have to say in my case I do find it hard to control my food intake over a long period of time ( i just get so bored with counting points or calories) so like the ability to switch back over to CD every so often. I do however think that over time being on CD (full time) long term does upset your metabilism so I try to curb this to perhaps just a few days a month.

In the end as long as the scales are on a downward trend & you feel happy & healthy thats the main thing.
I'm thinking of giving CD another go. Since my blip last weekend I haven't been 100% back on plan so feeling the need to take food out of the equation for a while, but so afraid I'll try CD again and end up failing and binging for months like before- not sure what to do, all confused but just want rid of this weight!!
I really don't know what to suggest. You have to do what you feel is right. Do you know why you are bingeing? Is it because you are bored? Because you just can't be bothered? Because you feel the weight might come off too slow?

I think the first thing you need to do is work out why you're bingeing. Really think about it, your emotions at the time, and your reasoning (at the time) for eating that food (we all make excuses when we do it).

Until you decide though, try and stick to WW... Otherwise you'll beat yourself up down the line if you decide not to do anything now, and just eat what you want.

Not sure if I'm making any sense, but I hope you're ok.
I've done all the traditional diets and i've never got to my goal weight. I'm addicted to food. Doing LL and taking food out of the equation worked for me. I didn't eat a morsel fo 8 months. When i started eating again all my old problems came back - ie bingeing! It's hard to reason with yourself when you want to eat and it's like being a junkie looking for your next fix - i guess it's typical addictive behaviour. Hard to be logical about it!

I love LL diet and how it makes me feel, i hate food and how it makes me feel but it doesn't stop me from bingeing.

Wish i could cure myself, but taking things day by day i guess is the only thing we can do???

Know just what you mean & how you feel!

I did ww for 3 weeks & had really slow weight loss and suddenly I lost all interest in counting points & just ate for england for 3 whole days, put nearly all back on it had taken me 3 weeks to lose! -----WHY? :confused:

I have now been back on CD for 3 days and back down to my pre-binge weight BUT I am now getting fed up with that as well (plus nearly out of packs) so it looks like points again. :sigh:

Really want to get off this CD/bingeing thing but find it so hard to control myself when I allow food back into my life.

I also agree with you I really enjoy the weigh I feel when just doing packs, I feel 100% better.