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I want to be fitter again
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I really think it's courses for horses. If you have a shed load to lose and have eaten junk food for years then slimming world is great for teaching you about healthy eating without feeling deprived. It is more restricting than WW on those times you are caught short and need to grab something on the go. There is no magic way of working out how many syns something is whereas with ww you can point things up quite quickly. I have found SW brilliant whilst having lots to lose but as i neared target my weight became static so I switched to WW. I have started losing again but am very hungry. I will definitely use SW for maintaining and for meals out as it is easier to work out what I can have freely. SW isn't about eating hoards of fruit or any other food, it is about eating sensibly and learning to recognise your body's signs that it is full up. As it happens I ate a punnet of Cherries today and it was only 1.5 points a fab filling pud. Both have good successes and each person you speak to will have different views xx


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It depends on the person and what they do with it. WW teaches you about portion sizes and many of us on here have tried SW and it hasnt worked because we need to control our portions!
Yeah! SW doesnt really cut the mustard if you ask me, i like WW as it hits down to and focuses or the causes of the problem that wer all in, that's controling how frequent we eat and the portion sizes.
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SW sadly never worked for me I have polycystic ov and carbs and me dont mix so I could only lose on red days and Im not a big meat lover,but if you get the portion control right on SW you will lose as with most plans they all work if we do them right.
I also couldnt afford to eat the amount required on SW my tum couldnt take alot of food and my money wouldnt stretch to eating whole chickens in one day and 2 punnets of strawberries.
I love WW and it works in with my family having 3 children and I can shop for plan with in my budget.
Maybe try one plan see how you do if you dont feel its working well for you then switch,really it has to be a plan for life what we choose so it needs to be something that will fit in with your life style.
Remember after the frst 2 weeks it should average out to 1-2lbs a week loss on both plans:) xx


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I tried SW this past week and put on 2 pounds! I followed it to the letter (1/3rd of plate free food, had 65 syns in the week, my 2 HE`s a day) and for me personally, it just didnt work. But it works for 1000s of people out there and they have fantastic losses on it so dont let one story put you off. The way of eating was lovely, i really enjoyed the freedom it brought, especially with fruit.

But for me WW works, i dont have huge losses on it but its the best one for my body.

Id say they both have their pros and cons so its down to personal choice. Good luck!:)
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i like WW because i prefer to count the points ,makes me feel more in control. My friends is on SW at the mo and is doing fab with it. x