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ProPoints WWprincess' Food Diary


Daily: 45 PP
Weekly:49 PP

B: Pomegranate, orange and mint salad.
2 pomegranates (0)
1 large orange (0)
Mint (0)

Total 0 PP

L:Brocolli mushroom and onion omelette.
30g Mushrooms (0)
30g Onion (0)
85g Brocolli (0)
4x Laughing cow deli light onion (3)
2tblsp ketchup (1)
1 can baked beans (10)
3 eggs (8)

S: Hifi bar (3)
2 options Lattes (3)

D: Pork roast (24!)

Healthy Checks
Liquids 6/8
Friut & Veg 4/5
Dairy 2/2

Daily used:45
Weekly used: 7
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18/11/10 - Day 1

Daily: 45
Weekly: 49

Need to pull my socks up!

Breakfast: Mince pie Hifi bar (3PP)
Raspberry and Strawberry Smoothie (4PP)

Snack: Coffee black
2 x tate & lyle sugar light (1PP)(my mum doesnt do sweetner!)
Mince pie (7PP)

Lunch: Banana and grapes
Asda white danish x 2(3PP)
80g Chicken breast (2PP)
Curry powder 1 tsp
Hellmanns light mayo x 3 (4PP)

Daily used: 24/45
Weekly used: 0/49

Healthy Checks
Liquids 5/8
Friut & Veg 3/5
Dairy 0/2
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Just popped in to say hi, see you missed a few days updating. I've felt out of control since not been keeping mine up to date, so back to it today.
Same here hun! I dont know what worng with me but I cant spend the rest of my life mucking around! I need to sort it out!

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