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Xenical and Diets?


Due to waiting for surgery my Consultant wants me to lose weight, which is a pretty good motivator :D

So, my GP has put me on Xenical - all fine so far.

I do have a question though, are there any specific "diets" (like the one's as forums on here) that are unsuitable to do while taking Xenical?

Eg, Weightwatchers, LighterLife, Atkins

Thanks, Miss Jelly
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Thanks, have you used it before then?

I'm a bit sceptical but anything seems worth a try at the moment tbh
Thing is, I've been on weightwatchers for...10 weeks now.

And I'll lose 5lbs one week, but put on 4lbs the next. Two steps forward one step back?

I have PCOS and that makes things harder - so was put on pills for that then the xenical ontop, it seems to be regulating my weightloss (I only had to LOOK at bread before and I'd gain a stone!)

I did Cambridge a while back and it was amazing - I lost 3stone :D (which I've now regained during the period leading and after my dad's death >_<) and I really want to restart but am worried about not being able to be represcribed the Xenical as it does seem to be helping :S

Sorry...longrantover :p
Hi Miss Jelly and welcome to the Xenical forum :) Some of the peeps here are doing SW as well as taking Xenical, am not sure about other diets though. Personally while on Xenical I've just followed a low fat diet ( a diet that is 5%fat). I've hit a plateau now and am going to join SW on Tuesday and I'll in all likelihood stop the tablets ( although I'll be talking to my GP as well about it :) )
I think though for me personally I don't think I could say count points on WW and count fat grams because of the Xenical, it would be one or the other. Life's too short to make it too complicated for myself :D
I'm seeing my GP on.. Friday, should have the GP Cambridge form by then. I will speak to her to see what she thinks. I'm not trying to suggest taking Xenical AND a VLCD that just seems a ridiculously stupid thing to do.

I just don't want to switch to CD and lose xenical as an option :S as it does seem to help, just not as much as CD does. Hmm best bet seems to be talk to the GP.

Mind if I ask how the Xenical has been going for you? How long did it take to lose the amazing amount you've lost? :O *is jealous* :p
I started my weight loss journey in April 2007, but didn't get prescribed Xenical until April 2008. I lost a stone put it on, lost it again, put it on, which is why in April 2008, my GP finally gave me the Xenical, so the majority of my weight loss has been since April last year. I stopped the tabs in April this year, and started Rosemary Conley, which I did enjoy, and was doing well with, but I lost my Gran in May, then a few weeks later my Uncle passed away. So although I'd always said I knew my emotional food triggers and how I would deal with them, we don't know, not really, not until it actually happens. I ended up putting on about 14 lbs, and in July I went back to my GP and she prescribed the tabs for me again. That 14lbs came off no probs, got myself back on track, and now I've hit a plateau. I've said before that I shouldn't grumble, as it's the first plateau I've hit, but oh my god it's annoying:rolleyes: So I've decided to head to SW, which I've done previously, but I need the weekly support too I think. So I'll see how it goes :)
I think I'm just being a bit pants at this whole "sticking to it" thing. Annoying thing is, I just don't know why. If I did, I'd have a starting point to fix it lol.

Sorry, the whole weight thing is getting me a bit down atm. I was down to 17st 5lbs when I lived on my own at uni, moved home and my mum has a way of stripping me of will power and I'd gone up to 19st 7lbs within 2 months :'( I'm desperately trying to move out as I think that's the only way I will be able to lose ANY of the weight.

We don't exactly have the best mother/daughter relationship and it's like she gets jealous of me losing the weight and becoming happier with myself. Ah well eh?

Sorry again for the ridiculously long and sad rant lol. You're pictures look FAB btw!
for me i tend to just stick to the rules of xenical and now its just the way of life for me its really help me see whats healthy and whats not and i know ill stick to this
WOW! 8.3 stones?? How'd you do that?? *is impressed* was that any specific diet or just changed to healthy eating? Sozzle for questions :D
it wasnt any diet as such.... just the xenical 5g rule all teh way through my xenical journey. lots of exercise & cutting out bread & red meat..

im 5lbs away from reaching the 9 stone mark & im soo happy ..

how much you trying to loose in total?
In total? Um... *thinks* 120lbs :O:O:O

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