Xenical!! calories or fat????

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    hi all you lovely people just wondered if you could give me a helping hand, after months and months of not being brave enough to try these tablets i have braved it and started taking them, however im not sure whether i have to watch just the fat content or whether i have to watch the calories also, if someone could please help me!!!!also this probably sounds a silly question but when working the 5g rule its per less than 5gms per hundred grames isnt it however when i eat that food do i log just the fat amount in that amount ive eaten or 100gms, sorry if i sound thick but doctors are useless at explaining anything!! thank you millions to anyone that can help xx xx
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    Hey blonde, course you don't sound thick for asking questions...we've all had to at some point to understand how this works! Coz like you say, docs don't really tell you much do they!

    You have to log just the fat that you have eaten, so if you are only eating 50g of something then obv that's just half the fat of 100g.
    I hope I've explained that right!

    Some people just watch the fat, and some watch the cals and the fat. I keep an eye on both, keep below 45g fat a day and less than 1,200cals.

    Hope that helps. Well done on deciding to take the tablets and good luck on your weight loss journey.

  4. blonde8

    blonde8 Full Member

    thank you blue butterfly that does make lots of sense to me, i thought that must be how it works but i wasnt entirely sure!! im also worried of eating salmon, i love salmon but have heard that it can have bad effects, how long do these effects normally take to happen and how long do they last!!
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    I also count fat grams and calories, it's still possible to put on weight on a fat free diet by eating too many calories. Having said that, once you get in to the way of it it becomes second nature. So the rules say no food that contains more than 5g of fat per 100g and no more than 15g of fat per meal. Just count the fat grams based on how much of the food you have eaten. Some people have side effects with salmon and some don't, for foods like that it's just trial and error I'm afraid.

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    I try to keep my fat content as low as possible, I do read the labels on practically everything, except a bottle of wine ;) My Doc also advised me to watch my Carb intake, to limit my bread to just 2 slices per day, Granary or wholemeal, just 1 portion of Potatoes; Rice or Pasta per day, it's what we put in them that is the baddies. I don't use Butter/Marg I use things like sliced Tomatoes; Cottage cheese or low fat mayonnaise to moisten my sandwiches instead. I have practically stopped eating red meat, I eat Chicken instead and I only eat Tuna tinned fish as I had some very bad "Tango" days after eating Sardines and Pilchards, never again. My Doc also said to eat as much fresh veg as I like but to watch Fruit, which I was snacking on, as the natural sugar can be high if you don't watch the amount you have and don't even think of having an Avocado!

    A few years ago I successfully lost 6 stones taking Xenical so I hoping that my determined state of mind will do the same for me this time.
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