xenical from start to finish! here i go!


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ok been on reductil for 3wks and lost weight very easyily! its now been removed from the market:sigh: and my doc has given xenical and i,ve just popped my first one! followed by ww macaroni. plan to stick to low fat so i have no major side effects only worry is my work trousers are beige:sign0007:eek:n the exercise front:whacky068: i,ve just done 40mins in the gym burning 500 cals n 10 lengths of the pool! i just pretend i do stuff like that all the time and ignore them with sequence down the side of their joggys.lol
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Well done, hope you don't get any side effects from the Xenical.


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Hey hows it going with the xenical i would love to know

Dont know if you read any of my posts but ive only lost 2.5 in 6 weeks and went docs to tell him and ask him why top half of stomach sore and he gave me xenical and i took my first one today even though following sw, and tbh i think im totally blocked and god help me later if i am hahaha, i class this as cheating and my kids are unhappy but they said mum you been brilliant all 6 weeks and if this does help me then they will be happy cos they know i have been unhappy cos of very slow weight lost, if i was cheating in past 6 weeks i wouldnt of gone doctors. Im tryin them for a month and if it works then i will just carry on with sw i just think im in need of some sort of boost :)


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My friend took that and had the most severe 'leaking' accidents, and she was on a special low fat diet as well. I'd be interested to see how you do on it, versus what you eat. Are you going to put on your food diary here? I was initially interested in taking them, until she had all the problems.


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Well only first day and had all three tablets and still just ate sw healthy food, but i will be putting it in my diary, i do two but menus will be on the third one down on the main page i think and how i feel on the first one. Im only doing this as its been 6 weeks and only 2.5lbs like i said and not cheated but i do feel like cheating using xenical but if it does help me then ill be happy and then see if sw will carry on without the need of them. They are double strength than alli, but ive seen ppl mention if you follow the fat grams rule you should be fine and not many had leaks so i will find out this week, hopefully not saturday as im at concert lolol