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I don't know what to do?

Hi everyone.

Well I'll try to keep this short as I do sometimes have a tendancy to ramble.

Basically like many other people I've tried loads of diets with some success before letting it fall by the wayside. I've been a member of this site for a long time and dip in and out periodically.

Basically, I got married last month and when I returned from my honeymoon, I discovered I weighed 14 stones 6.5 pounds. I also had to buy a pair of size 18 jeans for home and a pair of size 18 black work trousers for work. This is all I have to wear. I managed to secure a nice bundle of tops off e-bay for a tenner to tide me over in that department.

In desperation I turned to the Cambridge Diet and started on Tuesday. OMG it's totally awful - I don't think I've ever felt quite so bad. The physical side effects while you wait for ketosis to kick in felt like they were going to kill me. Anyway, day 4, yesterday they started to pass and I did feel a lot better physically but mentally I felt a total mess. I hate not eating. My daughter went to my Mum's for dinner and I popped over for a cuppa - my Mum decided they would get a chippy take-away and asked if I would like anything - I said no but before I could even say that, my little girl who is only six said No Mummy you can't have that. Very sweet of her but it does make me wonder what kind of messages I'm sending her.

After that my mood deteriated massively and I felt awful for most of the evening and was in a foul mood. I ended up buying a cheeseburger happy meal which I ate at home with my husband (who ate a lot more, lol, but then isn't actually over-weight). I then had a cup of tea and 5 custard creams. It was totally yummy.

Today I feel so much better but I also feel so guilty for 'cheating' on the Cambridge Diet when I managed to get passed the physical symptoms. Now I really just don't know what to do. I don't know if I should get back on the wagon or just return to weight watchers. As I said before I've tried all sorts of diets but at the age of 16 I lost all the weight I needed to with WW and maintained until I feel pregnant with my daughter. Since her birth I've really struggled - I briefly got down to just under 12 stones with weight watchers in 2008 but once again it went by the wayside.

I want to lose weight and I know how ever I do it, it has to come from me. I'm fed up with how I feel and how I look and I'm def fed up with not having anything to wear post-honeymoon. I have a wardroble full of size 16 clothes that don't fit. So at the very least I need to make that my first goal.

Thanks for reading and well done if you got this far.

Hope everyone else is having a better day. I need to go now and take my daughter to a taster Brownies session - I think I'm going to volunteer as a helper too.

Katrina x
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Sorry to hear you are feeling so horrible
Ive never tried Cambridge because I culdnt imagine not eating , I know I would crave food and crumble at the first hurdle
So Im doing Slimfast, do you think that would be better for you
At least you can have 3 snacks throughout the day and an evening meal to look forward to
I know its not the quick weight loss you get with CD but you might be more likely to succeed
Dont beat yourself up too much
Hope you feel better soon
I agree with Sally, slimfast might be good for you because it's in between something as drastic as cambridge, and something as non-retrictive as calorie counting. I mean, your basically still counting calories, but there is a bit of structure to it, but some freedom as well. (and I'm not just saying that because I was on it!;))


is going to loose!
Katrina, we have all been there at some point and I think you just need to work out which diet is right for you now, then you will be able to relax and just get into the grove. (really bad expression, sorry!)

If you want good losses and would like to give CD a good crack then speak to your CDC and ask about doing a higher plan where you can have food. Like 1200, then when you feel ready for it 1000. When I did it a few years back I did 1000, that was 3 products and a low cal meal (lots of options there). And the losses were still good 1 - 3lbs per week.

Otherwise SF sounds like a good option.

Just thought you could try one of these for a few weeks to shift some lbs and feel positive then if you cannot handle the no food of your daughter is thinking the wrong things about food you can go back onto WW.

Oh and try and log on more often this might help with your determination by being accountable on here.

Best of luck hun.

Your story sounds so like mine
there was not way I could do CD and when I started to get stomach pains and itching all over I had to give it up

so I have started a plan called the harcombe plan - stop counting calories and start losing weight - zoe harcombe does have a web site so go read and see if it will help you
there are several people on the board doing it and all are having great losses phase one - just five days results from 3.5-7lb then good losses there after
its all about eating normal foods but not mixing what are classed as fats and carbs at the same meal
pm me if you want more details as I dont like to hijack your thread
H xx
Ladies - thank you so much for your replies. It really is a big help to get input from people that are on a weight loss journey. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Just trying to eat in moderation while I figure out what next.

It's good to see everyone else doing so well.

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