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Xenical Newbie

Hi Everyone - first time poster here hope you are all well :)

I've started xenical and am on day 10 so far so good in terms of loss (well only 1.5lbs but I'm looking and feeling flatter lighter etc ) I don't find the side effects too bad although there have been some extremely orangey moments when I eat the wrong food ! Im lucky i can run to the loo of needed with my line of work but i had a near miss today! I'm really trying to make correct choices but I'm finding it tough if I'm being honest.. I live in a house where junk food is the norm and I give into temptation when approached with goodies (bad food) I'm going to read some of your diaries and get some menu ideas as I think the only way I'm really going to do this is with a proper meal plan..

With eating relatively healthy and exercise can I expect to lose more than 1lb a week?

I'm currently 14st 6lbs (start weight 15st 3lbs) I was originally ww only but now am following pro points with xenical .. I would love to get a stone off for Christmas

Thanks for reading :)
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Hi & welcome

Everyone loses at a different rate so be realistic in your targets - an average of 1lb/week is achievable but remember you may not lose every week.

There are a couple of helpful threads on the first page which should answer lots of your questions.

I've been on Xen since July and have yet to be tango'd BUT I'm really strict with myself about what I eat so it's up to you whether you mind rushing to the loo or would prefer to be stricter with your food. Look at the fat content of the food and as you say start planning ahead so it can become second nature.

Good luck & let us know how you get on
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Thanks 78storm I have my weekly weigh in tmrw so I'm hoping all will go well :)

I'm off alcohol and exercising so I'm hoping that will help!

Day 1 diary

Breakfast - banana

Mid morning - yogurt

Lunch - ww lasagne and broccoli

Afternoon - mince pie (damn work temptation!)

Dinner - fish with peas and a scoop of potato

I've only taken 2 of my tablets do most people use the 3 everyday?

Hope all is well with everyone I've been reading the forums an everyone seems to be doing amazing!
Hi & welcome!

I am hopeless at remembering to take my tablets, most days I remember 2 & tends to be breakfast I forget as I am rushing about getting ready for school run & work but I tend to have cereal for breakfast so I don't think the xen would do much anyway....

I am like Storm & have been really careful as in my line of work I can't dash to the loo & so far have resisted temptation (if you ignore the 3 little bits of popcorn chicken last week) but it is only week 6! Everyone I know who has been really successful on diets stick to them so this time I am going to do my best...

I was following WW before I started the xen but decided for a whole new start & now just use Myfitnesspal as the app is free!

Good Luck with your journey, onwards & downwards x
Week 2 Weigh in - 2lbs

Hi Lexie thanks for the reply and advice im going to be really strict with myself & try avoid the 'tango' completely :)

I had my 2nd weekly weigh in since started the Xen and I was down 2lbs :D

Im really happy but would love a bigger loss next week hopefully I will have at least 7lbs off my the end of november , When doing WW alone I was up and down like a yo yo a 1/2lb here and there so im delighted the scales are starting to move downwards!

You seem to be flying at the weighloss well done!

Diary Today - 2 tabs taken

Breakfast - Activia Snackpot

Lunch - Brown Brea Sandwich with Turkey tomato & lettuce

Mid Afternoon - Skinny Latte & WW bar

Dinner - Pork Chop with lots of veg and baby boils.


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