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Xenical not working

I started the xenical diet on november 13,2010. I am not losing any weight. I have cut down on fat from my diet and have started taking 30 minute walks about 3-4 times a week but i just dont seem to be losing any weight. My starting weight was 203 pounds. In week one i went down to 197 pounds and i was soo happy that i had lost 6 pounds after years of not losing anything regardless of what i did. But the very next day when i checked the scale i was 200 pounds. I was then constipated for 3 days and my weight stayed at 200 pounds. I then ate somethng fatty and had the orange oily washroom and then lost another 2 pounds and went down to 198 pounds. But then a few hours later i checked and i was back upto 200 pounds. I am so confused on whats going on. I am trying to do everything right but nothing is working. So i have recorded my inches instead and lets see if that helps. My chest is 36 inches, waist is 40 and butt is 46. ( i just had a baby 3 months ago and have lost all the 25 pounds i put on with her as weight gain was all baby and placenta and water) ANyone have any suggestions as to what i am doing wrong. Xenical works for everyone but its making me crazy. I have been on this diet exactly 2 weeks and i can say i lost 3 pounds for sure but nothing else. Also im losing more hair then before.
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Only weigh yourself once a week, same time of day, same clothes. I always weigh in before breakfast, after wee, no clothes Tuesday morning. Record that weight and take a note of it as your offical weigh in.

The hairloss is probably down to the fact you had a baby not long ago , CONGRATULATIONS!!!

For some people the loss is slow others fast. As you have already lost 25lbs you may have a slow loss at this point.

DOn't have more than 15grms fat per meal, more than 5% and you shouldn't then have the orange oil.

Good luck!
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In all honesty stop bluddy weighing yourself, you will drive yourself nuts otherwise. Our weight fluctuates daily ( and hourly as you now know), this is due to fluid and for us women hormones, which is why downsize me is right, weigh yourself once a week. I weigh in on a Monday morning, first thing in the morning, nekkid and after the first trip to the loo ;)
I agree again bout the hair loss, when you're pregnant your hair doesn't shed as much ( hence why your hair probably looked thicker), so after Bubbs has arrived, and your hormones settle back down, your hair loss will be more noticeable.
Are you keeping a food diary? A note of what you're eating and the fat grammes in the food? If you're not, I'd really recommend it, it really does help keep you on track fat grammes wise.
Remember this weight loss is not a race, slow and steady wins the race and all that lol
The tabs do work, but they're not a miracle diet pill that will rid you of the excess weight overnight hun, you need to work with them to get the best results.
Hang in there xxxx
Thanks guys! You are right I am going crazy weighing myself everytime I walk by my scale. I will also start weighing myself every monday morning before breakfast and keep a food journal. Let's see if that works.
This is a great thread, thanks! I'm on xenical and have been weighing myself every day as I see my GP next week , and my weight loss will depend on wether or not she re~prescribes xenical for me! I can see now that weighing myself every day is a big mistake. I was, like serenity, going nuts as one day I was a few lbs lighter and then gained them back the next! GRRRRR
Thanks too for the tip about the food diary. I'm going to start one tomorrow. I'm still totally confused about how much my daily allowance is .... * Sobs* xxx
i am such a serial weighter to - it doesn't drive me nuts though - I understand the fact that we fluctuate during the day :) - and i only count monday mornings as the real weigh in numbers

make sure you are drinking plenty of water - I drink at least 4.5 L's a day - but I am in a very hot country so I dehydrate very quickly - but the water helps with the constipation etc. if you are in cold weather right now make sure you drink cold water - it makes you rbody burn more calories by trying to warm you up - if you are in warm weather - drink warm water ....

walking is great exercise - try walking fast for 2 mins - then walking slowly for 2 mins and so on and so forth it makes you body work a little harder

make fruits and veggies your friend :)

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