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mines a skimmed latte
not indigestion but for about a week my tummy felt/sounded unsettled and i was constipated


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not intergestion as such. but i did have the hic ups a lot last week.. got no idea why...
i had a stitch like feeling for about the first week....
and ive not yet to experience the tango.....

good luck with it all. hope things go well for you
and keep posting around here. its been a great and still is a great inspiration for me!!!
Not indigestion but by god does it give me flatulence :sigh: (which thankfully I seem to be able to control to my alone time)

I also seem to find that on my good days I never get a really good loo break. Not constipated as such but you just never feel done. (Sorry if I'm being too gross but eh it's a tablet which affects your digestion)
ohh purple katherine, i am glad i am not the only one, never feel empty as it were!!!!!

i sometimes get an upset tummy but other then that i feel okay. im getting used to it now though lol.


Gonna do it this time

Hope your indigestion has settled down. I'm like everyone else. Sometimes my tummy feels full of wind and sometimes I get an upset tummy but I'm just trying to ignore it and put it down to the tablets actually working.
Thanks I actually ended up in hospital on Thursday on a heart monitor as the pains had got worse, pulse rate was 98 and BP 160/103,thankfully everything ok they have put it down to anxiety ( have alot going on at the mo) I have been prescribed some tablets for it but unfortunately have had to stop the xenical until I have finished these
hope your doing ok now xx

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