Xmas party done!


Got through my xmas party, did eat a little, but was shocked I could hardly eat a thing! They put infront of me a plate of xmas dinner that was more food than i'd had in the last 6 and a half weeks ... roast potatoes, about 5 slices of turkey, sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing, cauliflower cheese, sprouts and carrots. Bizarrely the bit i wanted most was the veg, which i ate and then could eat nothing else. But i felt fine, just having a taste of real food!
Did alot of disco dancing so hopefully burnt some cals too ... we had a DJ who was also an Elvis Impersonater!!! Genius!!!
Got on the scales the next day with a sense of dread, but only put on half a pound and was back in ketosis by Sat evening!
It has given me a bit of faith that i can eat sensibly at christmas because my body just won't be able to cope with much food!
Weigh in is tomorrow, so fingers crossed i should have still lost ...
Nice one Juju....and I bet you still had a great time! :D

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow...x
Well done Juju, great strength. You've proved that you can go out at Christmas and have a great time, without pigging out. Keep up the good work & you'll sail through Christmas.
Well done,

I've got 3 to go to over the next 2 weeks (got 1 full time and 2 part time jobs)

Hopefully i'll be as good as you have
we had hubby's xmas do on fri night & this is how it went
starter - went to loo & bar ( pint for hubby)
main - turkey wrapped in bacon & stuffed, green cabage 3 tiny roast pots & parsnip - i looked at it when it came out & said to hubby " i may have to eat the pots & parsnip " think nouvelle cuisine size portions, so i ate the turkey -the stuffing cos i don't like it, & the cabage & then was stuffed so left the pots & parsnip, shame cos i love them hehe
desert - went to bar again
drank water most of night till someone won the pot in a game & bought drinks all round, but being drunk wasn't taking no 4 an answer so ended up with a vodka & diet coke.
well weigh in tonight & have been doing 3 1/2 lbs a week consistently but tonight lost 4 3/4 lbs
moral of story, enjoy yourself, it might not be that bad :)