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Xpress weigh in!

Maria SW

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Yeah, I'm curious too!


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Slimming world is going digital. Everyone will have a chip and pin card with all your details on and when you pay the card will be placed in a deviced linked to your SWC's laptop. Then you move to the scales which will also be linked to the laptop and a PDA device. You get on the scales and your weight is registered on the PDA device and laptop. The PDA will then be able to tell your consultant what your club 10 is, who is slimmer of the mth/week, what your weight loss goals are etc. Then during image therapy your SWC will be able to make notes on the PDA instead of your paper record of what your goals are for the following week etc then she will see what she has put at the next class. Hope that made sense, lol!

Alot of classes have already gone digital.Your SWC will ask you to fill in a form with your details,they will then put these details on your card.

Maria SW

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S: 15st2lb C: 13st12lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 1st4lb(8.49%)
Oh I see, Yes ours is like that already. Its good that the computer works out when people are due awards! Should mean its all accurate x


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Should make sure everyone gets accurate weight's and award's when they are due, I suppose all classes will be the same eventually..


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yep, so everything should run nice and smooth!


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Sounds ace but not sure when we'll get this. We're a small group in a small country town in the sticks lol. Hopefully soon!!!! :) x


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We are digital and it so good compared to the paper method of years ago, I remember being slimmer of the week and someone else being given the award, I was gutted
Sounds good but whats the bet that Scotland is last!


is getting better at it
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we went digital last week and they still had to work out who was slimmer of the week themselves as the machine got it wrong it gave slimmer of the week to 5 different people lol, but because it was the first one it didnt register the ones who gained or never stayed to meeting the week before
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lol. my consultant mentioned we'l be going digital in a few months, she says she's not feeling to pressed to get them as shes quite happy the way things are but she knows it'l be 10 times easier once she gets it done LOL.



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Technology is wonderful,,,,,,till it goes wrong!
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it is so much faster it was our third week with express weigh in
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I've only been a member for 5 weeks and it's been digital since I joined so I thought it was this way for everyone?!


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We went digital back in May, We are also a little village in the sticks. The first few weeks are a bit dodgy till either your consultant gets everyones info put in and also till the machine gets its own history record. It is good though. Much easier

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