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~ xxEmmaxx WeighWatcher Diary- IM BACK X

Night Before Weightloss Journey Begins

Ok... so i have took the first.... all important might i add.... steps towards weightloss.. im feeling very motivated but most of all looking quite forward to the realisation that this time next month i could be a lighter version of myself.:D

I am not going to put myself down about my weight gain as i did get the best thing in whole wild world as a result of it.. my son ryan... but instead im going to have a very postive and realistic attitude.. im 22, overweight but only i can change that.. and you know what! I WILL

For my family holiday this year im going to be fab and fit! (( see what i done there i said IM GOING TO BE not i wish or i want to be IM GOING TO BE))..

So goodbuy fatty ;) hello yummy mummy


Ill post day one 2mo night xx
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good luck - you can do it :D you will be amazingly gorgeous for your holiday next year :) xx
Goodluck Emma :) You sound very determined.

Iam here shifting my 2 children's baby weight too. It CAN and WILL be done :)
You sound so determined already; always a good thing! Bestof luck and as you said, you can do this x
thanks 4 ur replies :):) lets just home the same sort of attitude stays with me all week... first days going well..msternity leave though always wants 2 get ya snacking but i said no no no ;)
Week One Day One

Got up this morning with the same postitive attitude i had going to bed last night... began to get ryan fed,washed,changed,tidied up, got myself together and it was 12:30???

where on earth did the time go?

So i hmmm and hammed about what to have for what was now lunch? Felt lik something filling so decided on a tin of beans with two rounds of toast and butter - went down nicely.... after this i set of on a 6 mile walk one i had not done for quite a while and i must say i really enjoyed all the fresh air!

Came home and mum had called in for a cuppa tea and bought a lovely bakery bun which she insisted i must have!!!! Lol ok so i took but speaking to lovely karen on here she assured me to point it only as 2 as i had done the big walk * thank god *... i must admit i did feel a bit guilty after eating it! also found out mother dear had put two real sugars in the tea instead of the sweetners i asked for lol... anyway few more hours to go till dinner and i must admit i wasnt feeling peckish which for me is a amazing as im ALWAYS hungry lol.

Dinner time came and i had an asda basil chicken and pasta bake it was gorge and very filling - i had been going by the online calculators on here DONT GIRLS as i was pointed out as it turned out i was over pointing using an american system!!! So my meal which i thought was 8 points turned out to be 6 - lovely jubbly!! :):)

I felt quite peckish about an hr after dinner but got lil one ready for bed and took myself of for a bath to read i thought i could do this then go to bed.. but i was still peckish so i raided the cupboard for the lowest pointed ting i could find andddd it turns out that spaceraiders pickled onion are only a point (( also my craving during pregnancy lol)) so had a packet of these and popped of to bed very contented...

All in all i think my first day went very well.... im hoping to do the walk later today if the weather keeps up if not im going to get stepping on my wii..... bring on next tuesday i wanna see results xx
Well done you! You're doing fab! Those pounds will be coming off in no time!x
Week One Day Two

I got things sorted today a bit quicker than yesterday which meant i could have a breakfast! Still confused if its 30g or 40g for 2 points...

for lunch i had chicken soup and brown bread with a mullerlight yogurt n set of for a 6 mile walk the weather was alot calmer than yesterday n i really enjoyed getting back into walking again... i did have a lil treat after my boiled eggs and soilders... a munchies icecream it was gorgeeeee.. i had 3 pints of water b4 bed and some sugar free jelly.. all in all not a bad day hope i cn keep this up though its usually after day 3 i give up!! oh and also ordered a ww point calculator so i can wrk ting out properly xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Emma it sounds like your off to a flying start! well done you :)
well done emma sounds like your doing so far so good hun,ww is the easiest diet i have ever done if i stick to it!
Thanks gemma :):) I done ww myself a few years ago and i found it the easiest too... tink its gonna be a bit harder this time have more to loose after the birth of ryan xx

Hey Emma it sounds like your off to a flying start! well done you :)
Thanks pixie.. im just hoping i can stick at this i give up tings very easy xx
i know yest wasnt 2 bad but the day b4 was freezing ryan was all huddled up n his pram cozey wozey n out of it n i was just a walking iceburg but was so proud of myself dwn 12 miles n 2 days xx
i know yest wasnt 2 bad but the day b4 was freezing ryan was all huddled up n his pram cozey wozey n out of it n i was just a walking iceburg but was so proud of myself dwn 12 miles n 2 days xx
Oh well done hun! That's fab! Just watch you dont over-do it! :) x
you sound like you're doing brilliantly Emma :) keep up the good work and dont give up - especially after your 3 days of putting real effort into your healthy eating :)

good luck for your first weigh in - am really excited to see how you do! :) x
awww thanks for ur support girls... i tink ive given up so easy till now cuz there was no support network there this sites been amazing so far any time ive felt peckish to come on and see some of the insp photos or to post :):)

Thanks emma.. i no i wont overdo it hun prob do that 3 times a week but i really enjoy it more so than exercise just for fresh air etc a bit of me and ryan time its nice :) whens both ur weigh ins? i look forward to hearing ur results too :)

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