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*****y comments - makes me more determined..


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Ok so heres the picture.. get dressed this morning.. wear my smaller trousers.. feel good come in to work.. lots of lovely comments etc..

One lady came out and said to me by the way you are looking amazing. I muttered thanks and carried on.. had lots of other comments etc.

Anyway a few minutes ago a girl came out and she said did.. Sue come out and say you looked good or something as she came in and said it in the office. so I said yes she did.. and then with that another girl.. supposedly a friend piped up with I wish she would bloody well eat something !!!

So moral of the story.. is it makes me more determined.. How many times do I have to tell people that I will eat when Im ready and Im not going to put it all on as I am going to work my way up the program.. and why dont people just leave me alone!!! URGHHHHHHHH
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One thing I've realised is that we as humans, and especially as women have this amazing talent. It's one that when we get complimented we bat it off, we make excuses and play it down. Friend: 'That skirt looks lovely on you' Us: 'Oh this thing, yeah it's only cheap from Primark'. But the minute there's the slightest bit of an insult we cling on and hold on to it for dear life. We need to find out how to be the other way around! We need to learn to grab hold of those compliments and take them into ourselves rather than the fewer insults. Which is hard, hell I know, I'm the worst of all! Try instead of focusing on your friend who is probably jealous of how amazing you're doing and looking and grab hold of Sue's compliment!


Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Aww thanks so much Caroline.. you are so right there.. Im rubbish at taking compliments. I have got a little better but still not great.. and yes your right. forget about the insults. and the girl who it was has struggled badly to get to be slim she was only ever a 12 and she is skinny mabye an 8 now but noone says anything to her I think because its been going on for a long time.. I think she probs is jealous not of me but of people noticing if that makes sense. its not like I say to everyone look at me I shy away xx


Proper Little Madam
People who are ill informed about food replacement diets always have a theory that they are bad because they don't know the full facts.
I have also noticed that when you gain control of your life and make drastic life altering decisions like once and for all actually losing all that excess weight, people become insecure and jealous. Insecure because your success reminds them they should be doing something fantastically life enhancing for themselves but dare not/can't be bothered and that makes them feel bad. Jealous because you're looking better and healthier every day, both empty emotions that are destructive only to them.
Sod them, keep your chin up, you have done fantasically well and you are well on the way to YOUR goal, keep up the good work. x x


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Are you doing your 810 week this week Curly? I'm planning to do mine in week 10 at start of June as we're away for a couple of days, just to a static caravan so will still be able to make my shakes etc.


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Curly, my first thought was that she didn't 'get' the diet, but your extra info about her losing weight... hmmm. Green eyed monster. End of story. Don't let it get to you honey, you are doing brilliantly and your colleagues can see that! Go you!!!


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People like to see others mess up so they can help. When they see you in control and enjoying what you're doing they'll try and trip you up. This time I'm focusing on what it all means to me and not others. They can say what they like and it's their problem if they're not informed. I know what i'm doing and don't need to justify it to anyone.

Keep up the great work hun. You're such an inspiration. I love the fact that you love this diet as I do.

Big hug and take compliments xxx

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