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Yasmine's Maintenance diary


One last chance
Well, tomorrow I stop having my Lipotrim sachets for the first time and actually start having proper food in my meals.

Here I go, hopefully the pound I gained will go next week.

For tomorrow

Day 1 - 24/5/09:

Ready Brek Original - 108 calories
150ml skimmed milk - 50 calories
1/2 banana - 50 calories
1 tbsp golden syrup - 15.5 calories

Mid-morning snack:
1 apple - 55 calories

wholemeal pita - 140 calories
Laughing cow cheese triangle extra light - 21 calories
50g Cherry Tomatoes - 8 calories
15g lettuce - 3.25 calories
2oz tuna - 57 calories
Muller light vanilla with dark chocolate sprinkles - 86 calories

Afternoon snack:
1/2 banana - 50 calories

4oz tuna chunks in brine (drained) - 117 calories
4oz Basmati Rice - 155.23 calories
25g iceburg Lettuce - 3 calories
100g very low fat Natural yoghurt - 41 calories
Tomato - 15 calories
25g carrot batons - 7.5calories
100g cherry tomatoes - 18 calories
25g peas - 11 calories

Evening Snack:
Weight Watchers strawberry layered fromage frei - 50 calories

1.5 litres so far
Diet coke citrus - 4 calories

Total - 1065 calories
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One last chance
Hi and thanks :).

I was on a total food replacement diet so you could say I was on one of the most easiest diets since food wasn't allowed.

The best advice I can give is stick to your diet all the way and results get better. You're doing the calorie coutning diet I take it. How's it going for you so far?
So far its going good. But i know il be struggling sooner or later, as my husband enjoys waving his PFC and Mcdonalds infront of me lol. But this time im going to stay strong and not give in!


One last chance
That's not very supporting of your husband, it disgusts me that he does that to you.

Good for you for staying strong though.
Tell me about it! But i think you've done so well. Your so young and you've beat your weight issue. Im only 19 and now you've made me think i can do it too. Thanks!


is going all the way...
Wow Yasmine - you look amazing! Truly fab weightloss, v. inspiring to see. I've tried a TFR 3 times now but gave up after 2-3 weeks each time. I just can't cope with feeling tired and not being able to be physically active. I also know I had some mind issues that I didn't quite resolve.

So whilst you call a TFR the easiest diet, I think it needs a great deal of mental determination and you have done extremely well - don't sell yourself short!

Good luck with maintenance, I hope it goes really well for you.

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