*yawn* So tired......


OK, so Im now almost at the end of my 7th week, and the last few days Ive felt like I am half-asleep all the time.

Now, I know there is a nasty bug going around the school, and I may well be on the verge of getting it (or already have it mildly) but I just wondered if anyone else found they were feeling more tired than they were at the start of LL?

It literally feels like I dont have enough energy this week, though I am also aware that the other guy in the dept. is off so Ive been doing the work of 2 people and may well be more stressed than I realise.

Any thoughts?

PS My stomach is rumbling like crazy, and if it wasnt for what I know from the LL sessiosn I would swear that my body was telling me it needs to eat something :( :confused: :sigh:
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Hi Pete, I'm tired lately and just coming up to week 4. Find it hard to get out of bed at the moment. I put it down to dark, cold mornings.
The kids break up soon so I'm hoping to have a little sleep in wooohooo.........well I'll still be up by 7.30am (usual time 7am)


hmm, i guess the cold and dark could be a factor too Mandy.
I know about sleeping in, last week on my day off I didnt wake up until almost 2pm!!!!!

totally by accident and felt like Id wasted half my off day, but at least I felt rested at that point!


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Hi Pete,
There is definitely a fatigue- type bug going around, and lots of people of all ages (mostly not on any diet) are complaining of tiredness, sleeping longer when able, no get up and go.
I guess any non-mainstream dieting is going to lead to attributing changes to the diet rather than other factors (a bit like reading your horoscope and then interpreting everything that happens as "fate" LOL).
Hope you feel better soon.