YAY a gap


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Had to share this with you guys.

Do you remember me saying I bought Hunter Welly boots? Prob not!! But as a recap, this summer all my friends had trendy hunter welly boots at the festivals we go to, I never because when/if I managed to squeeze them on my legs spilled over the sides. Anyway about a month or so ago I bought some and they did fit. I wasn't pouring over the side but they were snug. I was chatting to my friend about it saying that you always see the celebs with their boots on and there is a big gap and I doubt my legs would ever by that thin. Anyway today its yuck here so I put my hunter boots on and there is a gap between my calf and the boot!! I was jumping about like a kid at christmas. My OH didnt really understand but I was so pleased! Its not a big gap but its a gap and it means they dont rub!! yay so pleased!

Sorry had to share this with you all!
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That's brilliant! It is these little things that make it so worthwhile - I had the same feeling of ecstacy of feeling the loosening of my rocket dogs when I zipped them up a couple of weeks ago - they are positively baggy now! YEY!!!

Well done - keep it up!! I'm waiting for the gap at the top of my legs, then i'll be happy ;)

x x


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I feel your pain lol, yay you!!



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Yes! Remember your post well as it has been years since my fat legs have fitted into boots of any sort:(

Well done you:clap::clap::clap:

Love Mini xxx


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I remember you buying wellies. I remember festival reminising with you!

Well done on the gap!!

By the Summer you'll have enough gap for a bottle of Cider!!!

B x


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well done lady, i found a fab new pair of wellies today with a picture of a pin up girl on them, burlesque wellies who would have thought it, im going to but them after xmas because i treated myself to a new pair of black all stars today, my old ones walked themselfs to the bin


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Hi there
this is THE thing I am most looking forward to next year!!!
I already have my glasto and V tickets booked - and even if there is not a cloud in the sky i will be wearing my (new!)boots on my thin legs!!!!


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I understand completely

I remember your post well and I entirely understand where you are coming from.
Only people who have been overweight understand about boots.
Congratulations Em xxx


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A gap is a gap LOL! Congratulations on your gap, and may it get 'gappier'!

Louale x

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Yay!!! Those little discoveries are so exciting, and my OH too looked perplexed at much of my excitement along the way!! lol

Anna - the gap in the thighs is an amazing discovery. I first noticed one day when I was walking through the office, and I suddenly realised I did not, could not, hear the 'swish swish swish' sound of my thighs rubbing together!!! And I realised - they weren't touching!!! It was a GREAT moment!!! :D I even TRIED to make them rub, and I couldn't - my knees knocked each other first so it wasn;t even possible!! hehe!

Ahhh, the little things in life, ay? (But for us, they are big BIG things!! and truly said - only one who has been fat can understand these small joys!! :D)