Yay - can't believe my luck!!


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I work as a supply teacher, and my usual experience is of turning up, having to really work hard to motivate the class (who often think that Supply = Do as little and an as rubbish work as poss while giving lip), while the other staff are too busy to notice you exist, and lunchtime means taking the back of the queue to warm up my soup at the microwave.

This week I'm in a local Prep school (local so no petrol money hardly), where every member of staff already knew my name before I got there, and have bothered to take time for a friendly hello and introduction, and ask how I'm getting on / do I need anything. I have had 'free periods'(!!! - any State Primary teacher will understand how amazed I was at this), and the children are all well behaved and work hard without threats or constant reminders.

What an eye opener!

BUT - my fave part of it is that lunch is provided. And what a healthy selection there is. Lots of hot choices or a massive salad bar to choose from. So much Free food that sticking to plan is easy. And I might be needed for another week (or two yet). :D:D:D

Sorry. Just needed to tell someone.
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Don't be sorry and thankyou for telling us.

It sounds like supply heaven.

hugs xxxxx


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Sounds like you've had a great experience with this school so far :) I'm also a teacher (full time at the moment but have done supply in the past) and have to say that some schools are definitely better than others for making supply teachers feel welcome. I always make sure I talk to any supply teachers we have in, and always invite them out for a cup of tea etc at lunch. A lot of staff don't though, and it really bugs me! xx


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Thats lovely to read :) Good times all round! x


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Glad you're having a good time at that school! :) When we have a science supply for longer than a day or two we make a big effort to make them feel welcome it makes it all that little bit nicer. :) The best schools to work in are those where people take an interest. :) I hope you keep getting gigs there! ENJOY it!


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To be honest, there are a few that are very friendly, and luckily they are also the ones who bother to ask for me by name when booking supply so I get to return to see those lovely people every so often.

Also, this school has NEVER had a supply teacher before, so I suppose it's a bit of a novelty, and they're also probably anxious for things to go well as they've got to keep the parents happy.

Having a late morning today as they don't need me in til 10.15 today (!!).