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Yay! Im in ketosis!!!!

My ketostix just arrived from amazon and couldn't resist using them straight away!

Was holding out much hope as it's only day 3 and have drank loads of water this morning but turned pink straight away !

Bring on the fat burning lol

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Should say wasn't holding out much hope :)

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Good for you, Ketosis makes it all a bit easier and 3 days is pretty good going you lucky thing
It's been hard mentally but it's been a lot better physically than I thought.
Was REALLY hungry on sunday (day 1) but since then its felt like I've missed my last meal rather than haven't eaten for days and so far (touch wood!) no headaches or dizziness. Feel a bit tired and slightly weaker but nothing I can't handle so far.
Fingers crossed it stays that way or gets better :)

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Feeling tired and weak is really common, i have to say i found that it came and went every now and again for no particular reason but not to the point where it stopped me doing anything i wanted, I just went to bed early sometimes my record was 7pm on a friday night lol how rock and roll. If you have dealt with it so far you should be just fine x
Thanks lilac!

I'm hoping so - I keep seeing over and over that the first 3 days are the hardest so hopefully if I can get through them 100% I can last til my planned refeed the week before Xmas - not even going attempt to delude myself that I will manage 100% TFR over Xmas but I will be straight back on after
Feeling quite chuffed with myself today actually, just turned down a ticket to free office Xmas lunch and told my mum I'm in Atkins so I won't be expected to eat anything at her birthday next week ( the only people I've told about LT are my hubby and my friend at work). Have also volunteered as designated driver for a big night out with my friends that has been planned for months

I WILL lose weight this time, no excuses! You guys have been great :)

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Best of luck Susie xx
Thanks Chelle xx

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