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Yay, it's pink!!!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
With going on my hen day at the weekend I knew I'd well and truly knocked myself out of ketosis.. Started SSing on Sunday - last push for the wedding (18 days, yay!!) and getting in my dress (which still has an inch to go to fit, aaaargh!!!)

So therefore I'm in day 3 today - and have been ABSOLUTELY FREEZING all day.. So I peed on a stick - and it went pink!! Didn't expect it to go pink that early!!

Now I just have to put up with being perishingly cold for the next 18 days... ;) Am sitting here with a hot choc tetra in a bid to warm up a bit!!!!
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Wants to be a yummy mummy
Princess L - I hope so!! I've only ever done one actual week of ss, I started on the 1000 plan, then did a week of ss, then 2 of 790 and now am back SSing again.. I was FREEZING that whole week!!!! I do hope it passes, I'm sat here in jeans, top, huge fluffy dressing gown, socks, big cow slippers and I am still freezing - I can't feel my toes they're so cold!! h2b even took pity on me last night and made me a hot water bottle as my feet were cold even then!!!!!! :D

lanslass, thank you - absolutely it will be!! I am so excited about it now I'm going to explode by the day, surely?!!!!!! (Least I'd fit in my dress that way.. ;) :D )
Hey that's great news hun!! Can you please send her my way now!!! I wanna be back in the pink too :( xx


Wants to be a yummy mummy
:D isobel, that's so funny!!!!

OK munchkin, if I send her over to you though will I come out of ketosis?? If so, would you mind dreadfully if I hung on to her until the wedding, I need all the help I can get with getting in my dress!!!!!!!! ;) :p
Sunflower .... you and me need to have words ..... LOL!!

You've obviously kept hold of her as I'm still not in the pink ..... what's going on it's day 4 and I've been sooooo angelic :innocent0002: .

Do you think you could have a word with the K fairy and perhaps ask her to send a sister or a mate my way??? Could use the help for fear of falling off again :(

Pretty please with a cherry on top???


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Ahhh well as you asked so nicely I'll send her over...

Hope you're in ketosis by tomorrow!!!
Thanks Hun!!! Fingers crossed she'll have paid me a visit by then!! All this being hungry is getting me down and fighting the chatterboxes is wearing me out!!! :wave_cry:

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