YEAH !!Back in ketosis+ I am staying there!!!!!!!


well here we are on day 2 of ss-ing(again!!)

I am feeling very positive and full of determination! I am remembering all the lovely feelings of getting on the scales and knowing there is going to be a loss and the feeling of being in Ketosis and again..knowing you are burning fat literally by every step I am taking!!!(not back in K yet but looking forward to it..hopefully by the weekend)

Yesterday was fine didn't want food at all and its on these days when you stop and think to yourself....'why do I find this healthy eating/ss-ing so hard'

I am very lucky that I dont suffer from any side effects of getting into ketosis......and actually I dont get the major grumbling and really bad hunger pangs.....I know I am lucky and do count my blessings!!:eek:

Anyway off to get boys ready for school and to make a banana milk shake!
have a great day all and thanks for all your help and support when I was feeling very down and hopeless the other day!!

Hugs Lou XX
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Hey Lou, that is great, I completely understand what you are saying about how some days it is just so easy, I had a day like that yesterday and was definately of the opinion that I could do this for ever, and yet earlier in the week the thought of even another 30 days was filling me with dread and loathing!

May today be another yesterday!!
Hey lou
Glad everything is going so well for you, keep up the good work xx
Brill Lou! Keep it up girl! I wasnt so good last night:( , bf and i have sort of broken up. Its for the best really but still made me miserable. But i will be good today!
I'm with you about the buzzzz :) It's great knowing i'm in control and the fat is melting away!!

WELL DONE LOU!!!!! It can be hard getting back into ssing but you sound like you've cracked it and are so positive and enthusiastic. :)

Keep going hun and i'll look forward to reading about the results!!!
Crikey you are sooooo right about the fantastic feeling knowing the scales are gonna be going down and just feeling the fat dripping off you!! That's the best feeling in the world!! So why oh why do we sabotage it?!?!?! I get such a high from being good, i wish i could bottle it and sell it, i'd make millions!!

Well done for getting back on track, your post has given me extra determination to get this 10lbs back off again!!


thanx for all those lovely replies!

karen,i do so wish we could bottle the feeling of being in control and that nothing will phase us, funny how some days we have and it and others we dont!

I have just finished my 2nd day of ss-ing and feel fine. I did have an extra pack earlier..just because I felt the need for food coming on and I really want to keep food out of the situation at the mo(as that is the odea of SS-ing!!!) I had a soup instead!

Have done tonnes of walking over the past 2 days, boys are back at school and they are really in to riding their they have been taking them to school...which is great for me school is about 20 mins away from they are zooming along on their bikes and I am walking fast to keep up with them!
Then of course we have the same thing after school so we are all getting a fab amount of exercise!

Well off to have a black coffee and then pack some clothes as we are off to my mums tomorrow, and then off to canterbury on sunday to go Bridesmaid dress shopping!!!! ohhhh I am all excited!!!! LOL

have a fab weekend all and thanks again for all your lovely support!

Hugs Lou X
Morning all!

Day 3 back on ss-ing and I am happy to report I am back in ketosis!

I have drunk loads and eaten just my packs over the past 2 days and here I am back in Ketosis already!:)

This time I plan on staying in and not letting myself slip again, its so great to know you are really and truly burning fat....yeah.OUT DAMN FAT OUT I SAY!!!!lol!;)

I am going to mums today..but when I am being good we are both good...but when i am bad we are both awfull!!! so this weekend we are going to be little diet angels!!!

anyway off to have a read of the boads.

Have a great day all
lou XX