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I used to be a size 10/12 untill i gave birth to my son now 5 months and now size 14/16. Tried eating healthy, exercise but i just wasn't seeing the results fast enough. So i decided to give Cambridge a try.

Today i just completed my first week on sole source, and it was tough the first few days, but now i'm well into it, and sticking to it a 100%. I'm loving the shakes and the soups are quite nice.

Had my first weigh in and went from 14stone 5 to 13stone 11.

Would love to hear from other dieters, and a little bit of encouragement really does go along way! ;)
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Well done, brilliant loss and glad your coping alright with it. You'll be at goal before you know it.x


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Well done that's a good 1st week loss & well done on completing week 1, it does get easier lol xx
Thanx guys, i'm really enjoying it and its great that there are people out their with such great weight loss. I really do hope that i continue to lose the weight like you lot have. If your saying that it gets easier i really shouldn't have any problems, as i am soo determined!

Airgirl you've lost almost a stone in you first week, thats amazing.

Camille, you are definatley a pro, consistent weight loss, i take my hat of to you!
I hope your looking forward to it. Although those first few days were tough, hunger hunger hunger, DO NOT EAT ANYTHING and you'll be fine by day 3. Make sure u get a hand blender for the shakes, because they taste so much better, with some crushed ice.

I really was suprised at how nice the shakes and soups tasted, and they are loads of flavours to choose from, so enjoy it.

Let me know how you get on.
Well done on completing your first week hon!
I'm midway through mine! So far on my own scales I've managed to lose 8lb.......I'm so chuffed as I have an underactive thyroid gland & its really hard to lose weight.......that would't have taken me a good few months of serious hard work on SW or WW!

Now, What I really want to know, is do you all still miss chewing & swallowing..cos thats the worst thing for me????:sigh:

luv n hugs

nicky xxx
I will be totally honest with, i do miss chewing, but i know that if i start eating food it is just going to mess it up for me, my councilor says that it could also put you out of ketosis (losing fat!). So i'm being really disciplined. Some of the soups, like the veg and chilli do have little bits u can chew, so it is not all bad. My councilor also mentioned after two weeks u can try the choc bars that they have, but i'm staying away from that coz i'm scared it will bring the hunger back!
hmmmm.......the thing is as well, I know quite a bit about Ketosis, having done so many diets over the years, & I am soooo tempted to eat something thats only protein, just because I wanna eat something! lol & I know its the carb's that stop affect you going ito ketosis. Anyone else feel tempted like this?

luv n hugs

nicky xxx
oh sorry nicky forgot to congratulate you on your weight loss. WELL DONE! :D


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i think the first weekend is the hardest as thats how i found this forum and the time flies with chatting to you guys an minds gone off food...........haha im only a week and a bit in an sounding off like i know wot im on about . gd luck payphone


This is the last time!!
Good luck ladies!
I had my son in Nov 2003 and when I weighed in on week one I was heavier than I was at 9 months pregnant :cry:I was So ashamed, but didn't dwell on it because I knew that I could do this diet.
I had my week 3 weigh in today and have lost 9lbs this week, so in 3 weeks I have lost 23lbs!!
It's an amazing diet, as long as you are 100% committed you will find it really worthwhile. I definitely don't think it is something you can enter half heartedly.

I don't miss chewing or food as such, but I miss enjoying the delicious meals that I love to cook. So instead, I still make them, and puree some for my friend's little baby, and freeze more for my son for another day......I still derive a lot of pleasure from food, it's just not in a way that will make me stop the weight loss.
Congratulations on getting through your first week. It's only onwards and downwards from here. :)
An excellent week one weight loss, it gets easier in week 2. I think I must be a masochist cos I've been watching cookery programmes today.

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