El Nino

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I lost 3.5lbs at class last night which I was really pleased with cos it took me to my 50lb holiday target, with three weeks to spare. So my three and half stone certificate is now proudly stuck to my fridge.

When I started back at the end of April I was determined to stick to the plan this time round and I am so pleased I did. So to any new starters out there and those having a wobble........

........keep going, the way I am feeling is so great it is worth every single chocolate and cake I have not let pass my lips.

:party0011: :party0011: :party0011:

Charls x
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That's a brilliant result! You must be over the moon! Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!!! And such good advice too. The end result is worth the few minutes spent denying a craving. I have my weigh in tomorrow. I hope I do as well as you did! :)


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:p well done fantastic weight loss xx


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Thats fab Charls! Well done you x


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Wonderful news Charls.... so pleased for you..... yep true what they say.... it comes to those that wait.... great work!!! You must be jumping for joy!


soon to be skinny minnie
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Well done on your weight loss, 3.5 is great for a week but 50lb in total is amazing, well done!!

El Nino

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thanks ladies :)

The journey continues but this is a milestone I just had to share!


Yay! Well done!

I bet your holiday will be FAB :)

El Nino

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Me and boyfriend are off to Jamaica. I can't wait! Miss a couple of league games while away but can usually catch up on those on the Fox soccer channel. PSV match is on the night we fly home so will have to read about that one in the papers when we land!


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Sounds great....(this shade of green DEFINITELY doesn't suit me!?! lol)

My sister and her partner are off to the Dominican on 3rd Dec.... :cry: tee hee