Yes - I got to 3 stone !


Loves VLCD's !
I keep meaning to do a proper weight loss diary but never seem to get around to it !

Last night I had my week 9 LL weigh in and I had lost another 5 pounds and had got to

3 Stone weight loss in 9 weeks !:D

I was so excited and pleased. This diet works and after many failed diets it just great to feel that I can do this. So before I finish foundation I am hoping for another stone off maybe ? Think I might do it with the 5 weeks left....then on to development of course :)
Melissa, That's amasing! Well done you!
Wow! 3 stone in 9 weeks!
Do you mind me asking what you started at?
Off to drink some water ...... you've inspired me again ...
Thanks everyone. :D Yes I do have a lot to lose, about 9 stone in all so it was bound to come tumbling off. But 3 stone gone so quickly makes the other 6 stone seem sort of achievable which it never has done in the past !:)
Well done Melissa! LL is so great because you get so much encouragement from the big early weight loss (in lots of cases). I was astounded to lose 5lbs last week and I am almost at my target. It`s the best thing I have ever done. You keep it up till you`ve lost the rest.
Melissa you are a true star!! You have done fantastically. You must have a permanent smile on your face. Keep up the great work. You can definately do it!!