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Yes I'm back again... but only for (just under) 6 weeks this time!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by <3_my_cat_x, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Day 1/41

    Hi all,

    Yes I am the eternal dieter! Boring myself now tbh lol Anyway we are going away in 6 weeks time and I want to lose as much as possible. I am not going to say how much (5 stone anyone?!) all I am going to say is I will stick to the diet 100% and I will lose what I lose, I can't really control how much my body loses, just that I stick to the diet, if you see what I mean?!

    Anyway, didn't weigh today, as totally ate everything in sight yesterday so will weigh tomorrow and then again next Mon for 1st week weigh in. I imagine I'll be near the 16 stone ish mark when I weigh tomorrow. We shall see.

    Just had first pack - cottage pie - obsessed with those. Anyway, am now more hungry than I was before LOL

    Right wish me luck - I am doing this until 4/5 April so let's go...! :)

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  3. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Day 2/41

    So, woke up to monthly friend today :( It's good and bad - good in that I feel so sick atm I don't feel like eating anything anyway! And bad because I reckon at some point I am going to start wanting chocolate and carbs and because I weighed myself this morn and don't know if it's an accurate representation of my actual weight! Anyway, I shall continue with the diet.

    Yesterday I had a starter before my dinner! I had some slim penne pasta boiled, then drained, put back in the pot and fried with 1/2 sprays of garlic frylite and 1 veg stock cube. Sounds gross but actually was really good! If you don't like the slim noodles then I guess it wouldn't be for you though since they are pretty rubbery and the penne even more so. I don't mind that as I don't mind the texture and it's chewiness means it takes longer to eat - really selling it aren't I?!

    Right painkillers taken (for stomach) and onto day 2!

  4. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Good luck with it. I'm with you on the not being able to control the weight but being able to control the staying on plan - in fact I think I said it somewhere else this week!

    I only tried the slim rice and that was even a bit too rubbery for me although I think I will try again with more flavourings. Don't think I could chew the pasta :eek:
  5. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member


    I hope the painkillers help with the totm and you can distract yourself from any mind food demons!!

    If you need a sweet fix then sugar free jelly does help xx
  6. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Hi Clinquant,

    Thank you! Great minds eh?! I actually had an extra bar yesterday but I suppose that's better than caving completely! OH had sausage and home made chips and it smelt amazing lol so I had an extra bar.

    With the slim noodle stuff - I like them all - probably because I just love eating and especially carbs! Having a bowl of the penne pasta with a little garlic frylight and a stock cube makes me feel a little like I am eating a bowl of pasta - and I could literally eat (even plain!) pasta until the cows come home! Is there some cheese we could have on the list? If so maybe have some slim pasta with some cheese mixed in? Also, boil the slim noodles for as long as possible - Ive not tried that cos Im not averse to the rubberiness lol but maybe you could try boiling them for aggeeees and see what happens?!

    How are you doing anyway? What day are you on?

  7. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Hi Sammy - thank you! And thanks for the jelly tip!

    Just saw your sig - you have done SO amazingly well - well done!!!!!! :)

  8. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Day 3/41

    So, it's day 3 today. This is the furthest I have managed to come on this diet since before my wedding in July! I have always given up on day 3. I won't today though!

    Woke up with a headache this morn and feeling completely drained. I overslept too - thank god I work from home! Think this is a combination of totm and the diet but will persevere.

    I weighed again this morn (I am a daily weigher unfortunately and I don't think this will change) and I was the same as yesterday which annoyed me a little but I think I am expecting miracles and need to be more realistic!! I had an extra bar yesterday but will not do so today, in fact think I hardly have any bars left which is good. I only have them because I got them free with my order last month! I dont actually order bars because I just want to eat them!!

    Looking forward to making it to day 4 as that will be the furthest I have got since before my wedding in July.

    Just had oatmeal and drinking my coffee.

    Have a good day all!

  9. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    This is the tough bit where you have to hang on and then you'll be fine. Once you're over this bit it will become business as usual. Good idea about not ordering the bars if they're a problem. I don't keep any of the choccy ones at home and my colleague keeps them for me at work and only gives me one a day!! Seems to work.

    I've been doing this since September with a 10 day break at Christmas and one day off a couple of weeks ago. Started to introduce one lifestyle day a week roughly but most of the time was Simplicity - easier for me. Started by saying I would do a month but then just kept on going. I'm a social recluse but apart from that the time has whizzed by.
  10. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Wow Clinquant - that's amazing how long you have been on it :) I was on it for longer periods before my wedding in July too so I know I can do it, it's just a case of getting on with it!

    How much did you lose in your first 6 weeks if you can remember? I would LOVE to lose 2 stone but anything between 1 and 2 stone would be great!! x
  11. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Sadly I don't have to remember as I have a really geeky spreadsheet with it all on. 34lbs in the first six weeks so nearly 2.5 stone. I did start at 20st 9lbs though and lost 12.5 in my first week.

    You should do a stone easily and probably two and don't know about you but I just feel so much calmer when the food is taken out of the equation.
  12. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Lol at the spreadsheet! I wish I had recorded my weekly losses before! Then I would have something to go on - not that I have lost a blimming pound since Tues!

    You have done amazingly though - 34 lbs in the first 6 weeks is incredible :) Congrats!

    I feel calmer when there IS food - lol - I really love the stuff!

    How are you today - I am slightly demoralised. Diary entry to follow...

  13. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Day 4/41

    So today is day 4 - the furthest I have got since pre-July :) Chuffed with that but also feeling fed up as I have not lost a blimming pound since Tues! Probably have since Mon but I didn't weigh on Monday as was too scared now I wish I had!

    Anyway I shall try to keep on going, especially as I reckon ketosis is now here. I'm not hungry at all and feel freezing which were good indicators to me before! Just had a bar so far today as I am not hungry.

    TBH I have been having 3 - 4 packs of those slim noodles per day (15 cals per pack) and one options hot choc which I guess might not be helping, but I am still way under carbs and am prob about 2000 - 3000 cals under what I have been having recently :eek: lol Once I get into ketosis I tend to need less and less of the noodles but for the first few days I just need anything to try and help me stay on plan LOL

    Anyway I shall continue. I guess that I have to start losing weight at some point? Right?!

    Anyway, stomach actually starting to rumble so maybe lunch soon.

  14. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    The noodles are mainly fibre and although they don't have calories and carbs that will absorb water while they are in your body so will be weighing a lot and masking any loss. And the Options has 6g of carbs in it. You've probably convinced yourself that you need it but you don't. Could you split up the shakes and make them hot instead or get some of the flavoured coffees and use with your milk allowance. Gives you the same comforting effect of a warm drink but without the cals and carbs.
  15. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Thanks Clinquant - you're right about the Options, esp as I am now in ketosis. I won't buy anymore now! The noodles I do LOVE though! So if I keep eating them does it mean a loss will never show?! I'll never lose weight?!!! going to just have 2 packs today maybe thatll help?

  16. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    No it will show a loss but you will always have fibre and the water it absorbs in your digestive system but the underlying weight loss will show but maybe not these first few days. I would probably think about having less if you can. I am a bulk eater too and if it gets you through initially it is allowed, but part of the diet is training your stomach to deal with less. I really struggled when I had just the rice for dinner because it was filling after just having packs and normally I can eat Desperate Dan sized portions and then some. But the important thing is to get through these first few days and then you will find the hunger will reduce dramatically and some days you will find yourself having to fit in an extra pack at 11 one night!!
  17. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Thanks Clinquant. Felt quite sick and unhungry today then as of about 3 been super hungry and not been able to concentrate AT ALL. Literally been getting things wrong and having to redo them :( Is this normal? I vaguely remember poor concentration from last time. Only had 2 packs of noodles today and going to try to not have any more tonight, but tbh, if it stops me from eating rubbish later on then I will have another, altho I will try not to. Been asked out for dinner with friends on fri AND sat - declined :( If only I could see some movement on the scales I would feel more motivated and less miserable about being deprived!

    Please scale gods move!!!!

  18. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    My head was all over the place but it does right itself. You're doing fine. Social things are fine down the line but they are hard at the beginning. You need to get stronger in resisting first!

    The scales will move - it can't not work you just have to keep going. Have a good night. Stay strong and think how good you will feel going to bed knowing you've swerved another day :)
  19. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Day 5/41
    Woohoo Made it to day 5 and the scales budged this morning - seriously if they hadnt have I think I might have just thought f it and gone out for dinner tonight!

    To be completely honest I didn't really eat much last night and I did have a few vodkas (I know you shouldnt in ketosis, but I have done in the past and know my body) so I expect with eating more today 1 or 2 lbs will come back on but nevertheless they are going in the right direction! Decided I want to get to 14 stone by 5th April - that would be amazing as I went skiing before at 14 stone and felt quite comfortable and OK. Going to start exercise again either at the weekend or Monday. Want to get first WI under my belt before I start exercising properly again.

    Right feeling motivated today and not at all hungry!!! :)

  20. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Glad they moved. Hope today went well.
  21. <3_my_cat_x

    <3_my_cat_x Full Member

    Morning! Thanks clinquant :)

    Day 6/41
    So... just got up! Weighed n it could have been a lot kinder to me! Just 4.5 lbs since Monday... bit disappointed tbh. How do some people lose like 11 labs in week one??!!! Anyway going to struggle thro this eve as oh and sil are having pizza!!!! I'll have a couple of g n ts n stick to plan :( XX

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