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Yesterday I had

Weatabix for brekkie - ham salad for lunch and Weight Watchers sausage and mash for tea. In between I had fruit and lots of water. Oh and I almost forgot, two glasses of wine. I know I shouldn’t but had a friend over and we got chatting, you know how it goes.:rolleyes:

Today I’ll be having as above but for tea I’m having stew. I don’t know the cal or fat content in a stew but I’m sure it can’t be bad.
Anyone else care to share their menu? I’d like some ideas:eat:
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yesterday I had
  1. All Bran :sigh:
  2. apple
  3. ham salad sandwich
  4. shape yoghut, grapes
  5. Pasta with veg, and prawns and tomatoy sauce
  6. 200mls skimmed milk custard with sweetener and prunes:eek:
  1. bran flakes
  2. Apple Pear
  3. Ham salad sandwich,
  4. shape yoghut
  5. NO IDEA !!!

I am doing a Rosemary diet. I bought her magazine 2 years ago and it came with a free kickstart book, I use that and tweek it here and there.

Yesterday I had

Brekkie - 2 weetabix, banana and a cup of tea
Lunch - WW tomato soup, 2 bits of brown bread and an apple.
Supper - Cous cous filled grilled peppers with salad.
Snacks - Grapes and 2 rice cakes.

I love pasta but I don't know what kind I can eat. I used to eat fresh pasta with four cheese sauce but I know thats a no no now.

Summer x
Breakfast- Tesco LC date and walnut cake. Tea with Skimmed Milk
Lunch- Tesco Light choice vegetable lasagne with salad.
Snack- Muller Yoghurt.
Dinner- Lamb Slice Potato and Lots of veggies

Breakfast- 2 slices of bread and an egg
lunch- low fat cheese and pickle sandwich with a peach and an apple.
dinner- Weight Watchers Chips and gravy
Hi Joanie,

I eat weetabix/special k for breakfast, ham, branston pickle/cranberry sauce, salad on brown bread for lunch.Then for tea, weightwatchers chicken hotpot or maybe a tasty boiled basmati rice with half a can of stagg chilli - very tasty. Even my kids wanted my chilli and I have now got to change their diet. I also made faijitas - chicken with onions/peppers and faijitas mix - delicious - the kids kept pinching those as well. I have two power snacks a day and 2 litres of water/juice per day. I never feel hungry - I think this diet is fantastic! I've lost 12 pounds in three weeks. I was weighed yesterday (Monday) and people are noticing that I look different. As I mentioned on the other page - keep strong - don't give in to temptation.
Mnnn this thread is making me hungry...
Good morning all:character00238:
Looks like we are all doing very well! Elymay, 12lbs in three weeks is fantastic, congratulations to you!

I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday and lost my appetite completely. I didn’t even manage 1200 clas and in a way I think that can do more harm that good. I read somewhere that if you don’t have enough cal intake your metabolic rate will slow right down as your body thinks it is being starved. Anyway today I feel much better so I’m just about to go off and have my Weatabix.

My hubby was asking all about the diet last night and I’ve been telling him all the things he can eat and he has now decided to have a go.

I brought the RC diet & fitness mag this week and found some good news for all us cheese lovers. Asda are now selling a range of RC cheese that less that 5% fat and 25 cals per 25g portion. Next time I’m passing Asda I’ll have to get some. I’m pretty sure it won’t taste as good as my normal cheese but it may just keep my cheese craving at bay.

Enjoy your day all and keep posting. It’s a good boost to come on here and read how well every one is doing. Even if some people are struggling I’m sure that pouring it out on here will help somewhat.
Joanie :wavey:

Oh and you may have noticed....I LOVE THOSE LITTLE ICONS:character00148:
Hi Joanie,

Hope you're feeling better today. :)

I think it's great that your husband wants to join you on the diet, you can help each other. I can't seem to get my husband interested in it, he likes his take away food too much!

I'll definately try some of the cheese as well. I hope it tastes nice, I love cheese, especially cheese on toast with worcester sauce, yum yum. :eatdrink012:

I have noticed you like the little icons, you've got me into them now.
:party0036:I'm enjoying a glass of rose wine at the moment so this icon is perfect.

Have a great day tomorrow.
Oh cheese, I'm excited about this cheese!!

I'm addicted to salt and vinegar rice cakes, they are so lovely.

I am off to the gym tomorrow and my weigh in day is on Saturday, fingers crossed I have done well on my first week!

..... I am looking forward to being able to have a glass of wine !(MmMMmmm with cheese would be nice)
I will have a couple of drinks Saturday, prob vodka & diet coke, as its other halves Buffday, but I will be good on Fri and Sunday.:break_diet:

Today I had

2 x specialk bars @90k each (cause I got up late for work, after spending a penny most of the night :rolleyes:)
cottage cheese & wafer thin chicken sandwich
chicken, egg noodle, & veg stirfry (soy sauce etc)

Have a great day tomorrow everyone x :wave_cry:
Hi all
It’s nice to log on and read such positive posts, keeps us all motivated.

Oh I’m please I was able to pass on the good news about the cheese. I can imagine the staff at Asda opening their doors and a group of women running in shouting…GIMMIE THE CHEESE!:gimi:

I had a good day yesterday eating wise.
B = Weatabix and fruit
L= dry fried egg and mushrooms on toast
D= home made stew
In between I had fruit
I wish I liked yogurts but I just can’t stand them.:sign0137:

Hubby is not so good, however, he is eating much healthier than he has been. We even went out for a brisk 20min walk last night. Know what? I really enjoyed it after getting over the initial cold.

Keep posting all…I look forward to reading everyone progress and of course the support is fantastic

Breakfast.. in all good intension
(which my tummy decided to say, this is why you never eat breakfast.. TMI? sorry) :giveup:
Shop Ham Salad Sandwich (couldnt face making one for work)250cals
1 apple
Sainsbury, Pumpkin, pepper and sweet potato soup (154cals the whole pot 4.1 fat) :argh:
and a v light cow & beetroot sarnie

( I didnt enjoy my food today, nearly caved in with a Cornish Pasty in the freezer, if it had been 50 cals (sod the fat) less it would have been :eat: .. but it wouldnt have been nice defrosted, and would have taken ages in the oven....)

Hope you all had a good day !
Yesterday I had

2 Weetabixs, 1 slice toast (brown bread)
2 oranges and 2 rice cakes
WW tomato soup with a turkey ham sandwich

Healthy eating chicken sandwich 300 cal
Bun 250

Veg stirfry

slice of Multigrain bread bread with WW Jam (NO CHEESE
2 measure Brandy !
Yesterday I had:
Baked beans on seeded toast with fruit juice.
Strawberries, blueberries and a kiwi (power snack).
Wholemeal pitta with mackerel and salad.
An apple (power snack)
Chicken, Leek and Potato Pie with green salad.
With lots of water and herbal tea!

Hope I can carry on I'm really enjoying it this time round.

Oh almost forgot the 2 hours brisk walking I did with my little dog!

Keep up the good work everybody, best of luck.
Yesterday I eat too much naughty stuff, someone brought in 2 trays of buffet food left over from an office lunch, I had quiche (2 pieces) and a mini cornish pasty ! Last night I paid for it, had tummy cramps, and so far today all I have done is drink fluids !!

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