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Yo Sushi!


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Now, there I was thinking I had chosen well'ish off the yo sushi menu for lunch.

I had prawn katsu (4 pts) and chicken teriyaki. According to their nutritional info the chicken teriyaki was 401cals and 5.9g sat fat.

Now, I am balking at this a bit for a number of reasons:

1. The portion was literally 4 tiny strips of grilled chicken with a drizzle of sauce on it (no more than 10ml) laid on a tablespoon of cabbage.
2. That would have meant I had eaten 12 points for my lunch - equivalent to a pizza - and there is no way that happened.
3. Where they got the sat fat figure from I don't know as it was clearly very lean grilled chicken. I had twice as much chicken on my subway last week. And it's never seen 401 cals.

I am normally good at guessing points but this has me flummoxed.

Any ideas anyone?
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I think you are right. I still don't know how to point it though - I'm tempted to say it was about 1oz it was that small. I was shocked cos it cost £3.80 :eek:

Thanks for that x


chunky chick :-)
i just checked on a points site i use and its right, 7pts for the chicken and 3.5 for the prawn! so not 12 but still 10.5!! terrible for a wee bit of chicken, they must add oils or something?


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But they boast that it is grilled chicken. If you read further down their nutrition page, they say the figures quoted are for 100g - my tiddly portion came nowhere near that. Phew.


chunky chick :-)
this is the points values for YO Sushi!

Miso Soup (V) 1.5
Chicken Teriyaki 7
Salmon Teriyaki 5.5
Chicken Yakitori 5.5
Salmon & Asparagus Yakitori 4
Pumpkin Korroke 2
Chicken Katsu 5.5
Salmon & Aonori Katsu 6
Prawn Katsu 3.5
Chicken Katsu Curry 8.5
Takoyaki 3.5
Hairy Prawns 4
Miso Black Cod 4
Vegetable Firecracker Rice (V) 4
Seafood Rice 5
Vegetable Yakisoba (V) 4.5
Prawn Yakisoba 4.5
Vegetable (V) 2
Prawn 2.5
Soft Shell Crab 3.5
Assorted Tempura 2.5
Crispy Salmon Skin 3.5
Vegetable ISO (V) 4
California Roll 4
Spicy Chicken Katsu 3
Poached Salmon & Dill 2
YO! Roll 4
Spicy Tuna 1
Crunchy Prawn 4
Soft Shell Crab & Rocket 4
Salmon Dragon Roll 6.5
Fresh Crab, Cucumber & Tobiko 2
Mini Hamachi & Yuzo Tobiko ISO 2
Mini Eel & Cucumber ISO 2
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese 6.5
Eel Dragon Roll 4
Assorted ISO 3.5
Tomago (V) 1.5
Roasted Red Pepper (V) 1
Salmon 1
Octopus 1.5
Tuna 1
Seared Beef 5.5
Prawn 1
Hamachi 1.5
Eel 3.5
Assorted Nigiri 1.5
Salmon 2
Sesame Salmon 2.5
Shichimi & Dill Salmon 2.5
Tuna 1
Coriander Tuna 1
Sesame Tuna 1.5
Hamachi 1
Assorted Sashimi 1.5
Hand Rolls

Crispy Salmon skin 2
Vegetable (V) 1.5
California 2.5
Salmon & Avocado 3.5
Spicy Tuna 1
Hamachi Ceviche 1
Fresh Crab & Avocado 3
Soft Shell Crab & Rocket 2.5
Crispy Duck & Moromi Miso 3.5

Asparagus (v) 2
Avocado (v) 2.5
Cucumber (v) 1.5
Oshinko (v) 1.5
Red Pepper (v) 1
Vegetable Futomaki (v) 3
Salmon 1.5
Tuna 1.5
Smoked Salmon & Chive 1.5
Crayfish & Cucumber Futomaki 3
Assorted Fish 4.5
Crispy Duck Futomaki 6
Masago 2
Tobiko 1
Ikura 1

Edamame (v) 2
Green Beans (v) 1
Aubergine (v) 1.5
Tofu, Wakame & Cucumber (v) 2
Spicy Chicken Salad 5
Squid Salad 1.5
Crunchy Tofu (v) 2
Marinated Salmon & Dill 3
Crayfish Salad 0.5

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