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    Hi guys this is ny 9th week at SW and the last 3 weeks have seen me gain 2lbs, lose 3lbs and at last nights weigh in I had 3lbs ON!! I had such a great week and that was my result!!! I didnt even let my kiddies buy me any treats for Mothers Day and settled for a Freddo instead!!So frustrated and I need any tips just to get me re-focused on the week ahead. I am really enjoying this healthy eating programme and have 1 stone lost so far but with quiet a bit to lose I just need to get going again and get back to weekly losses - any help would be welcome thanks
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    I think you just need to try to imagine where you will be and what your end result will look like. Stay focused xoxo
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    Sometimes i feel the same. When i do, i write a food diary to find out where im going wrong. I never used to believe in them but ive found them to work wonders as i quite easily slip back into old habits. If im writing everything down it makes me think 'should i really have that biscuit?' :) chin up chick hope you feel better soon. :) x

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