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Yo - Yo

I have to say I am so frusratated to be "starting again" with this dieting lark. This will be my fourth time losing weight and putting it back on again, although ive had two babies in between I have lost the same 4 stone 3 times and put it all back on again.
I think i may have been too strict with myself in the past which leads to binging.
Its so psychological, if im not in that zone im forever telling myself one more wont hurt ot i'll start on monday.
Does this happen anyone else?
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i think you need to find an easy way of maintaining hon i just still do slimming world but up my syns a little i think it's a big struggle i don't think you can switch on and off i reckon if i want to stay thin it's just something i'm gonna have to continue to work at cause it doesn happen naturally.
All the time Huni. We start out with good intentions, only to saboutage it after a little time.
If I were you, I would plan a night off say once a month...give you something to look forward to, but for the times inbetween you have to be good, otherwise you loose that night off privilege. I did this for a while and it worked for me!
The idea that you could loose something if you have cheated kept me on the straight and narrow.
Make the commitment and go for it.

Good luck!



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You need to try and switch from thinking 'diet' to 'making healthier choices'. SW is a lifestyle rather than a diet. Nothing is out of bounds and you can eat as much as you need so you should never be hungry and because of the choice you should never be bored.
I know what you mean about it being psychological and often unless our heads are in the right place we just can't get into it.

You know it works, you've been there done that! So why not take it easy, not put too much pressure on yourself? As soon as I restrict myself or put pressure on myself it all goes out of the window.

This place has been my lifesaver this time round. The weight isn't flying off as fast as one would probably hope, but it's heading in the right direction and 5 weeks in I've not once felt bored or restricted.

Good luck x x
Definitely having support like is on here I think will make a big difference. And its probably better in the long run for the weight to come off slowly as it will stay off then, I remember losing ten pounds in one week before but sure unless you stay on the starvation rations its comes back on twice as quick with a little more for extra measure.
I'll be tormenting you all over the next few weeks so sorry in advance and thanks for your help and comments.
You torment away!