Yogurts,jelly and stuff!

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Hey everyone.
I was prescribed xenical today,I will be starting it on sunday as thats my 'start day' for things!
I said in my other thread Id have loads of questions....sorry if im bugging anyone!

Ive been reading lots of other peoples posts on here and a fave for alot of you seems to be muller light yogurts.
Problem is,Im a vegetarian and these yogurts have gelatine in them (I check everytime I go shopping!)
So does anyone eat any other low fat yogurts that are ok to eat while on xenical?
Im just getting a shopping list together and am looking for ideas.
I shop at tescos if thats any help.

Also I like sugar free jelly and assume that would be ok to eat. But problem again,it has gelatine in it.
I used to get sugar free jelly that was suitable for vegetarians but now I cant find it anywhere :cry:
Does anyone know where I can get it from? Online or anything?

And one other thing
Are there any other low fat desserts that I can put on my shopping list. I do like sweet things but obv wont be able to scoff chocolate anymore! So just looking for ideas.

Thank you
Claire x
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I've started eating the shape say fuller for longer yoghurts and i can't see any gelatine in the ingredients list

I was also eating the weightwatchers fruit layered fromage frais but I don't know if there was gelatine or not.

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Hi, I keep a selection of Weight Watcher deserts in my freezer. They are in the 5g rule so should be OK and they are great as a treat.

Shorty x


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i too eat the ww puds... (there are some not in the 5% rule so be careful.) im not sure about the ingredients though....

maybe you could try and speak to your local tesco and see if the do the geletine free jelly or if they could get it in for you...

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I was supposed to be going to tescos today to have a look for jelly and the weight watcher desserts but the stupid snow has put a stop to that!
Coz apparently tesco have their own brand jelly that is suitable for vegetarians,I hope so.

I have found a huuuge bag of jelly crystals (makes upto 20litres of jelly!) that is suitable for vegetarians so I may try that :) You obv dont have to use it all at once!

I didn't know bout the WW desserts though so thanks for that :)
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just eating a muller rice. and it has its suitible for vegetarians...
and thought of this thread...