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YOOOO HOOOO to all you 2009ers back for 2011!!!

Well a massive HELLO to you all. Im so glad to see you all back......:clap::clap::bliss::bliss::talk017:

I thought I'd do a massive shout out to you all instead of writing the same thing on all your diaries - lazy I know but easier than you all having to read the same post over and over on everyones thread.

I have read all your diairies and you all have come back with some gusto to get this thing sorted once and for all and I'm jumping on your wagon/sledge with the same gusto.

Im so glad you are all back.

I started last tuesday but am afraid to say didnt stay on the wagon after Thursday and made a decision to start WW this week with their new plan after a couple of really hard days in work (too long to go into now) and thought oh I CANT sole source its too difficult

BUT seeing you all back has given me a new sense of determination and think well if you are all doing it then I can.

I have been lurking loads over the last year and have had far too many restarts then i care to mention but on the upside I have now not been doing any diet for at least 6 months and have maintained my weight within about 7lbs which proves I can do it I just need to maintain a hell of a lot lighter.

Life has been pretty crap this last year and I want to make 2011 a much better one and tackling my weight has to be top of my list of priorities to get things back on track and make my life better.

cant wait to read all your updates in your diaries
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Trying to stay healthy!
Welcome Back Jess!! Here here to making 2011 a great year!

Have a great day hun


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Hi Jess, good to see you here. Totally agree that 2011 should be an awesome year and no reason why it shouldn't be. And I am also thrilled to see all these 2009ers (excellent vintage!).

Onwards and downwards I say x


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JESS RABBIT!!! How brilliant to have you here too, we must all be psychic turning up back here at the same time. In 2009 (as Wales says, a very good vintage) we were a great support network for each other and we can be the same now... whatever means we use to get to our goal, we WILL get there and we will stay there this time. I feel so different since Thursday when I made my first post again... like you, jess, there had been so many failed attempts (right up until last Tuesday's...).

Never in a million years did I think it'd feel good to be back. We are in this together. Whether SS or WW or any other plan, you can do it and all of us have managed stints of maintaining around a certain weight (maybe not goal weight, but still) so that should stand us in good stead. I can picture the wagon/ sledge but also imagine a big safety net (like at a circus under the tightrope) with all of us holding a little piece of it, ready to catch anyone who falls.

Big hugs Jess and jump aboard!



Stubborn tortoise
Hope your day has been a good one... have you decided yet what to do about CD/WW?



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hi jess good to see you back, I'm the same as you had so many restarts but failing to stick to it and have been losing and gaining the same 7 - 10 lbs for longer than I care to remember. Still I'm going back on 810 as of tomorrow I can't really afford ss at the moment and have enough supplies to see me through to payday when I can then decide whether to ss/ss+ or stick to 810 all depends how I do over the next few weeks. To be honest I was also thinking about ww as well but seeing so many people from 2009 back think I will stick to cd. Good luck with whatever you decide to do Trish xx


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Hi Jess, so good to see you here too! I hope 2011 is a really good year for you - and for us all. xx
Hello all, I was here and lost 4.5 stones with CD from May 2009 - Feb 2010. Holidays last year and Christmas have seen about 14lbs extra on and I took my eye off the scales (kept thinking "I'll wait a couple of weeks then weigh myself" when I should have just done it!)
Anyway, I'm not thinking of this as restarting or returning - this is part of my maintenance now. I'm not following any formal CD plan but I am replacing some meals with protein shakes and taking in about 1200 cals per day as well as exercising so I hope to get this off for the Valentine's Day challenge.
Strange how the shakes are kind of comforting - I know I lost weight quickly with the SS shakes and it's that pattern that I seem to have returned to when I need to drop the sneaky few that have crept back. I guess some people would say that it's not the best way to go but it works for me and if this is what I have to do on occasions to keep my size 12 trousers comfortable then so be it.
My resolution for 2011 then is to weigh EVERY WEEK!! :scale::whip:
Good luck to all!
Jess so glad to see you here. Looks like nearly the whole gang is back. This will be our year. We can all do it together.
Woop Wooop!

It`s time to kick arse in 2011 ;) WE WILL DO THIS!!! :D

Hey hope you all ok just popped on for two ticks before I go out with a friend things been manic all day but have been to see cdc and Ive decided to do 1000 cals i.e. 2 shakes as ss too difficult with everything going on and she said the aim for me at the moment is to get me in a routine and just reduce my weight slowly and in the meantime break old habits of snacking in car on crap in between visits.

I have lost 1lb this week so am impresssed with that cos at least its going in the right direction.

Hope you all okay will be back tomorrow night for a proper catch up
Well done on the loss :) It all makes a difference x


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey JR, Hope your week is going well!
Have a great day!
Morning Jess, hope all is well with you. Although 1lb doesnt sound a lot if you imagine a 1lb pack of lard, that is a lot of yukky fat that is no longer floating around your body, which is great :D

Have a terrific Thursday x

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