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Yorkshire Pudding

how much oil do you usually use when making a Yorkshire Pudding?

has anyone ever tried making one with fry light ?

i have a recipe for the actual Yorkshire Pudding which is:

75g Plain Flour - 7pp
1 Egg - 2pp
75 ml - Skimmed Milk - 1pp
55 ml Water - 0pp

so only 10pp for the whole thing which i don't think is too bad .... not sure how much mix this makes but i will probably have no more then half .... especially as i have WI in the morning :)

.... but the oil its cooked in is going to pretty much double the pp in it :( i've guessed on 2 tbsp of oil which is 8pp ..... does this sound about right to people? is it enough / too much? does frylight work? if i'd thought about it earlier i would have got a shop brought one but i only decided i might have one half hour ago, hehe
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thank you. i did it with 1tbsp of oil in the bottom in the end then sprayed the sides and bottom with frylight too ..... it didn't stick which was good but it also didn't rise ..... not sure if it was how i made the mix (as did it quickly so rushed making it) or if it was that the dish was too big for the mix i made (so just didn't look really well risen and fluffy like the ones my mum used to make) .... but will keep trying till i get it right ... the the mean time i have brought some aunt bessie mini ones which are only 1pp for 1 (i think they were 3pp for 2) so less hassel too ... but not the same taste, lol :)
I have made individual ones with fry light and they work fine, I have also made them in a silicone muffin tray without any oil/fry light and they have also worked well.

I LOVE real yorkshire puddings, they are a real weakness of mine, so mich so that I refuse to eat the frozen ones so often go without, cos 1 is never enough for me.

My recipe is 2 eggs, enough flour to make to a paste (Im not sure how much this is), and then slowly add 1/4 pt of milk and then water, mix to the consistency of double cream.
thanks :)

i think i will have another try this week .... i brought some asda good for you chicken dinners for 6pp each ... so think a home-made yorkshire pudding would be perfect to go with them :D .... maybe tomorrow or Friday. as i'm on the go all day thursday so i know i won't have time then ! lol

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