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You CAN have take aways!


Starting Again!
And I don't mean the do it yourself, at home, syn free versions, I mean the real ones!

I think the mistake most of us make is that take aways are full of fat and calories so there is no way I can have any so sod it - have one anyway and give in for that day.

I've just been flicking through my book and it's suprising what you can eat, for example I do Green days and I could have the following meals;

Chicken and cashew nuts, 330g serving 18.0 take 6syns off for the chicken and that's 12 syns then 300g of fried rice is 4 syns so thats 16syns on green!

6 chicken nuggets 13syns - take 6 off as its chicken so heb and regular fries 8.5syns so thats 15.5syns
KFC - obviously less synfull if you do Red!
Crispy strips 7 syns each
Mini Fillet 15 syns
Regular Popcorn Chick 16.5 syns
Avalanche no topping 7.5syns


Fishcake ea 7.0
Chips 227g 17.5
Cod/Haddock no batter 9.0

Subway (6g fat or less)
Veggie Delite 10.5
Roasted Chicken Breast 15 (take 6off for heb)
6 inch subway melt 17.5
there's loads!
Don't be so flippant, its not all bad :)
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I'm the tortoise.
See I can't. I can't just have a veggie delite sub, I need an Italian BMT foot long on herbs and cheese breadwith extra cheese and southwest sauce, because that's how I have my sub, and I would rather go without and save for one than have something I don't really want. Chinese is the same. The only salvation I have is that I do like chicken shish and I swopped my potato skins for jacket potato, dropped the pitta and syn the sauces.


Starting Again!
You're quite right I mean a chinese isn't quite the sme without prawn crackers, The point I was getting at was not to say f**k it and not count - if you do your syns weekly you might be counting more than you need :) good vibes :vibes:


I'm the tortoise.
I tend to have a flexiday when I want my favourite things and go all out. I still count it all and see if I can stay in weekly syns, but don't worry too much if I don't. And another thing, I'm not actually craving takeaways so much anymore.


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I would argue about the chicken content in a chicken nugget though... :eek:

I often have a takeaway as an indulgent treat, but usually stick to things like chow mein and that sort of thing. I enjoy them immensely, they help me feel less deprived and they don't break the bank, syn-wise.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i know what your getting at i often class my lunchtime flap jack as my healthy extra b choice lmao and i'm not sure if your aware squiddie but if food ishaped like a triangle it is free, and if your walking you can halve the syns hehehe


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
no hon it's been a running joke on here for months all part of the magic food science of slimming world.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
chocolate is free when it is shaped in the form of small mice !
Ha ha free triangle food I love it!

I think you should have take out whilst on plan, as you will always be tempted by take out when at goal, it is better to work out healthier choices now that you can learn to love rather than at goal and end up gaining.


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For an Extra Easy Chinese we normally have ...

Beef in Black Bean Sauce (5 Syns)
Chicken Chow Mein (7 Syns)
Ginger & Garlic Prawns with Noodles (5 Syns)
Fried Rice (4 Syns)

Total of 21 Syns that we have between 3 of us and it is a HUGE plateful each for just 7 Syns :)
Hehe, i think its great if you can thoroughly enjoy somthing for low syns from a take away, but im a perticular girlie, and i quite simply.. have what ever the hell i want haha... i always have sweet and sour chicken in batter with egg fried rice and prawn crackers.. because im not v expiermental and i know i love chicken in batter haha mmm...

always have a texas BBQ from dominoes if im there..

always have battered sausage a chips at chippy if im there ( if anyone could enlighten me to the synage of battered sausage id be really appriciative LOL)

and i always have a chickin tikka masala, or a korma with naan and mango chuctney when out for a curry haha..

ooo im a naughty girl!!!!!


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